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Top 10 Home Security Tips

Unlocked Doors, Social Media, Lack Of Shed Security and Unsecure Locks Can Increase The Likelihood Of Being Burgled. Take a look at our top ten security tips to help secure your home.

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Setting Home Alarm System

British Standard Locks

British Standard Locks

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We've put together a list of our Top 10 Home Security Tips to help keep your home safe from burglary. Unlocked Doors, Social Media, Lack Of Shed Security and Unsecure Locks Can Increase The Likelihood Of Being Burgled. Take a look at our top ten security tips to help secure your home.

  1. Lock all Doors and Windows

    Suprisingly, not everyone will lock their doors and windows when leaving their property. This is the first thing which should be on your mind when leaving your home, even if you're just visting the local shop. Leaving your windows on the latch while you're out is not advised as it makes entry much easier for a passing thief. When the weather gets warmer, home owner's usually like to leave their windows open at night, which grants easy access for passers by. Recent statistics show that 59% of burglaries occur when someone is in the propery.
  2. Lock Up Your Garage and Sheds

    Garages and sheds usually hold equipment which a burglar could use to gain entry to your home. Ladders, electrical tools and objects like crowbars, spanners and screwdrivers can all be used to break into your home. Ladders can be used to reach flat roofs and windows and will often give burglars the opportunity to stay out of sight. Crow bars can be used to force doors and windows open, especially if they have been left 'on the latch'. Screwdrivers can be used in Lock Snapping attempts, which in some cases, can enable a thief to get into your home in just 15 seconds. - Keep them locked away and out of sight to make forced entry more difficult. Tips For Shed Security
  3. Keep Keys Out Of Sight

    Leaving your keys on display may persuade a thief to attack your property over another. Burglars are known to use tools that can reach in through your letterbox and grab keys or other valuables, such as cash. Don't forget, if your car keys are within reaching distance of your letterbox, a thief could simply reach in, grab your car keys and drive off in your vehicle without any sign of forced entry. If you can't keep your keys anywhere else, consider getting a letterbox with brushes that can help with draughts and conceal the view inside from prying eyes.
  4. Don't Hide Spare Keys

    You're average burglar is well aware that some people will hide spare keys under plant pots, door mats and around sheds. Don't relax in thinking that you've found a safe place to a hide a key, chances are a thief will know where to look. Think about leaving a spare key with a trustworthy neighbour, family relative or close friend.
  5. Outside Lighting

    If you haven't got any outdoor lighting consider getting lights which switch on when they detect motion, or a dim light which will switch on at night. Lights that use motion sensors are a great deterrant for a burglar, the last thing a thief will want is to be seen, directly under a beam of light trying to break into a property. When purchasing outdoor sensor lighting, consider the range of the sensor and the distance it will reach when motion is detected. If the sensor can't reach a hot spot for entry such as a back door or window, consider moving it to a more appropriate place or purchasing another light with a better motion range.
  6. Burglar Alarms

    Having a burglar alarm in view, whether it is fully functional or a dummy (look-a-like) will make a thief think twice about breaking into your property. It's recommended that you regularly change you alarm's security code. Most dummy alarms look exactly the same as their working versions and it can be difficult for a burglar to tell the difference. Often the chance is too big to risk and the burglar will move on to another property without the same security in place.
  7. British Standard Locks

    Choose locks that conform to British Standards (BS3621). Most insurance companies wont want to pay out after a break in or burglary if you don't have BSA locks in place. This is due to the fact that there are locks readily available which can be made from cheap and unreliable materials that can be snapped or unlocked, putting your home security at risk.
  8. Social Media

    Don't publish information on social media that can be used by potential thieves. Posting personal information publically about holidays, time off or expensive goods gives a potential burglar everything they need know about your where abouts and what valuable items you have. Adjusting your privacy settings can help, as well as removing ‘location’ settings from your posts. Does Social Media Put Your Home At Risk?
  9. Timers For Lights and Electricals

    Use timers to switch your lights on and off when you're away from home. Some digital timers allow you to set on and off times with different intervals for each day of the week, this can help to give the impression that you're home is occupied.
  10. Speak To Your Neighbours

    Form a good relationship with your neighbours, they can help to keep your home safe while you're away. You could ask your neighbours to visit your home every few days and remove any post, letters or parcels piling up behind your front door (This can be an obvious sign that the property is empty). If you're away on holiday and you've taken the car, your driveway will be empty - Ask your neighbour if they could park their car in your driveway for a few days to give the impression that somebody is home. Community In Home Security

You may find our blog post on Common Holiday Home Security Mistakes helpful if you are about to go on holiday.

Our Locksmiths are available 24/7 and we don't charge a call out fee for our visit. If you are unsure about your home security, our locksmiths can help by providing a security survey. We can check that your locks meet british standard and that your house wont be a potential target for a thief. Call us on 0800 0612 677.

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