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Window Locks & Handles

What Are British Standard Locks? If a lock shows the British Standard Kite Mark, it means that it's been certified by the British Standard Institute for meeting the required security standards.

Opening uPVC Window

Opening uPVC Window

Window Locks and Handles

There are several variants of window handles. See brief outlines of the main handle types below:

  • Basta/shaw casement handles are used specifically on wooden windows, and lock the window straight away when it is closed.
  • Cockspurs can be used on wooden and UPVC windows. They are recognisable by the ‘spur’ from the main handle, and the window locks when the handle is stopped by a wedge.
  • Espagnolette can also be used on wooden and UPVC windows and are typically seen on newer windows. They have an internal locking mechanism rather than needing wedges.
  • Tilt and turn handles are used for windows that tilt, and are more robust than Espag handles.
  • You might also want to consider window stays as well, so that you can open your window and secure it from blowing in the wind.

Era Sash Window Lock

ERA Sash Window Lock - Image © Aldridge Security

Sash Window Locks

Window locks come in a variety of different forms, but sash windows have their own unique locks that are an addition to those found on the handle.

Sash locks are found specifically on sliding sash windows, and are additions to existing window locks. They come in two forms:

  • The Sash stop prevents the two windows from sliding past each other.
  • The dual screw, which connects the lower and upper sash. It should be fitted in a pair, and is secured with either a half threaded or the more secure full threaded bolt.

It’s important to ensure that window locks are visible from the outside to deter criminals, but it's essential for you to ensure that you do not leave your key in the lock.

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