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Keep Your Home Secure During a Heatwave

LockRite urges homeowners to stay vigilant during the heatwave as break-ins surge. Recent statistics reveal a concerning increase in burglaries during the hot weather, leaving families vulnerable.

Infographic displaying information on the best ways to secure your home during a heatwave

LockRite Urges Homeowners to Stay Vigilant as Summer Brings a Surge in Break-ins

  • Recent statistics reveal a concerning increase in burglaries during the hot weather, leaving families vulnerable.
  • Comparing year-ending September 2022 to the previous year, UK burglaries rose by 7%.
  • LockRite's security specialist emphasises the need to take proactive measures to protect homes and loved ones.
  • LockRite's top tips for heatwave security include locking up, investing in outdoor lighting, safeguarding spare keys, being cautious on social media, securing garden tools, and considering a home security system.

Summer stats reveal alarming rise in burglaries, and so here are LockRite's expert tips for enhanced security.

As the sun shines brightly and the temperatures soar, homeowners across the UK are letting their guards down when it comes to home security.

Recent statistics have shown a concerning surge in break-ins, burglaries, and robberies during the warmer months, leaving families vulnerable and cherished belongings at risk.

LockRite, the leading locksmith service provider in the UK, is calling on homeowners to remain vigilant and prioritise their security this summer.

Summer Break-in Stats: A Stark Wake-Up Call

Data from the Office for National Statistics suggests a spike in crime over the warmer summer months, compared to other times of the year.

Comparing the year ending September 2022 with the previous year, the number of burglaries in the UK surged by 7%.

Furthermore, Q3 2022 (July, August, September) saw the highest level of burglaries compared to the other quarters in the year, +4% higher than Q1, +1% higher than Q2, and +2% higher than Q4.

Further data from the Office for National Statistics states:

In 70% of burglaries, the offender enters the dwelling through the door. Only 30% of burglaries occur with the burglar gaining entry through a window.

In over 50% of domestic burglary incidents, someone was at home while the offender entered the building.

About 40% of residential burglaries in the UK occur in the day, specifically from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Expert Comment from LockRite's Security Specialist

Commenting on the alarming trend, LockRite's security specialist, Chris Davison, expressed concern over the complacency that tends to set in during the warmer weather. Chris Davison emphasises,

 'As the warm weather beckons us outdoors, we often forget that burglars seize this opportunity to exploit our relaxed approach to home security. It is crucial to remain cautious and take proactive measures to safeguard our homes and loved ones.'

Here are LockRite’s Top Tips to Maintain Optimal Home Security Practice During Summer

Lock up, even when nearby

Whether you're tending to the garden or enjoying a BBQ on the patio, always ensure all doors and windows out of sight are securely locked.

Install a smart security system

Invest in a reliable smart security system with alarms, surveillance, cameras, and motion sensors to deter intruders and monitor your property remotely. The perfect solution if you're planning a trip to enjoy the warm weather.

Secure all windows and doors

Going out to enjoy the good weather? Don't be tempted to keep your windows open. Make sure all windows and doors are locked and secure to prevent unauthorised access and potential break-ins.

Outside shouldn’t mean out of mind

Secure structures like sheds, summer houses and garden offices in warmer weather. Install reliable locks, motion sensor lighting and keep valuables indoors. Regular checks deter theft and maintain safety and security.

Maintain landscaping

Keep shrubs and bushes near windows trimmed to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders who may try to slip in through an unattended open window whilst you’re enjoying the sun in the garden.

Use smart home technology

Utilise smart locks and smart cameras to control access to your home and receive real-time alerts of any suspicious activities. Whether you’re in the garden or on the beach, you deserve peace of mind.

Emergency preparedness

Heatwaves can have unexpected impacts on your safety with fires and power cuts becoming a real danger. Have an emergency kit ready, including essentials like water, food, first aid supplies, and flashlights in case of emergencies.

Keep curtains and blinds closed

Close curtains and blinds during the hottest parts of the day to block out heat from sunlight and reduce the temptation for burglars to see valuables inside.

Be cautious with open windows

When at home on hot days, open windows for ventilation, securing windows and doors behind you when you leave the room. Don’t leave open windows unattended.

Remember to set your burglar alarm

Integrate alarm setting into your daily routine, aided by timers or apps. This maintains home security, giving you peace of mind, no matter the weather.

Use outdoor lighting

Install motion-activated outdoor lights to illuminate dark areas and discourage trespassers. Even though the sun sets later, burglars are happy to wait for cover of darkness to enter a property.

Declining concern in home security

Concern over Home Security peaked in October 2020 and has sharply declined in the following years. Don’t get complacent. (Source Google Trends).

LockRite's mission is to help homeowners protect what matters most to them, and their expert team of locksmiths is readily available to assist with any security concerns or emergency lockouts.

Don't become a statistic during the warmer weather. Stay one step ahead of burglars with LockRite's expert advice and reliable services.

If you have concerns about summer security and need help in a heatwave, contact us today on 0800 0612 677.

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