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Locksmith London Repairing uPVC Door
Locksmith London Replacing Euro Cylinder
  • Gaining Entry Without Causing Unnecessary Damage
  • Repairing Failing Locks
  • Lock Replacement For a Variety Of Locks
  • Anti Snap Locks Fitted
  • Repairs To Locks After Damage From Burglaries
  • uPVC Mult-point Locks
  • Experienced With Both Master & Limited Key Systems
  • We Can Fit Locks That Are British Standard Approved
  • We Can Cut Keys On Site
  • We Can Board Up Damaged or Shattered Glass Windows and Doors
  • We Can Provide Security Surveys
  •   Locksmiths In London
  •   Home & Business
  •   No Call Out Fees
  •   DBS Checked
  •   Work Guaranteed
ISO 9001 Registered
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Need a London locksmith?

We have a network of experienced, uniformed and DBS checked London Locksmiths. We can help with a wide variety of locksmith work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the capital.

Our experienced locksmiths fit and a repair a wide variety of locks every day. Securing the doors of homes and businesses throughout London.

  • Deadlocks
  • Rim Cylinders
  • Euro Cylinders
  • Nightlatches
  • Master Keyed Systems
  • Anti-snap Locks
  • Sash Locks
  • Escape Locks
  • Wooden Door Locks
  • uPVC Door Locks

Locked Out?

We know how easy it can be to accidentally lock yourself out of your home - If you've left your keys inside and shut the door behind you, or you've lost your keys, we can get to you quickly and unlock the door.

Non-destructive entry

We gain entry using the latest non-destructive entry techniques and locksmithing equipment. Our London Locksmith can get you back in, without causing unnecessary damage to your doors or locks.

No call out fee, locksmith work guaranteed

There's no 'call-out' fee, we aim to get to you as quick as possible. Our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship.

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Why choose our London Locksmith Service

  London Locksmiths

All of our London Locksmiths live and work in London which means we can get to you quickly. It also means that you are using and supporting a local locksmith while having the reassurance and peace of mind of using a trusted, nationwide company.

  24 Hour Emergency Response

Our London locksmiths work around the clock, so if you're in need of a locksmith in the middle of the night, we can help. If your key has snapped or it's stuck in your lock, if you can't lock your door or you've locked yourself out, we could be with you in just 30 minutes* to get you back in.

  Call us on 0203 292 0060

  Peace Of Mind

LockRite locksmith London are DBS checked for your peace of mind. Our work is covered by a 90 day guarantee on workmanship and the parts we use have a 12 month manufacturers guarantee. The LockRite help desk team is able to take your calls 24/7 should you have any queries; call 0203 292 0060.

  Repairing Broken Locks

Are you having difficulty locking your door? Are you having problems turning the key, or getting the key into the lock? Usually, these scenarios point to a fault with the lock. Our London locksmiths are able to help and will be able to advise on a repair or replacement depending on the circumstance and severity of the problem.

Help, I Can't Lock My Door

  Lock Replacement

Some lock problems will warrant the replacement of your locks. It's important that you don't overlook the security of your home and that you have good locks in place to make it more difficult for thieves to break in. We can replace your existing locks with new, anti-snap locks that meet British Standards.

  Burglary Repairs

If your home has been broken into, depending on the point of entry, it's likely that the burglar has left damage to your locks, doors or windows. It's important to get any damage rectified that could compromise the security of your home. LockRite locksmiths London can repair or replace your locks and board up any damage caused to your windows.

  New Home?

Have you recently bought a new home or property in London? it's worth thinking about getting a locksmith London to change your locks. Often, previous owners will have taken spare keys with them, or given some to family and friends to tend to the property whilst they've been away on holiday or have left the house un occupied for a number of days.

  Home Security Advice

Our professional London locksmiths can offer advice on keeping your home secure and the best ways to avoid being targeted by thieves. Upgrading your locks and improving your garden security by adding things such as lights with motion sensors can help to deter a burglar.

Top 10 Home Security Tips

Why You Should Call a Locksmith London Instead Of The Fire Brigade

It's been reported by the BBC that Firefighters are being used as Emergency Locksmiths in London at a cost to the tax payer of around £5m.

Between 2009 and 2011 the London Fire Brigade were called out to 2,287 incidents where people were locked in and 1,613 incidents where people were locked out, amongst other lock related incidents including 14 incidents where people were locked in cupboards and 1 incident where a woman managed to get stuck in a fridge.

The London Fire Brigade has spoken out about the 1000's of lock out related incidents they receive every year, saying "We get called to an absurd number of non-emergency incidents involving people who have locked themselves in or out of their homes ... locksmith London should be called unless someone's life was at risk".

Between 2009 and 2011 the fire brigade reported to have attended nearly 22,000 incidents of this type, that totals to 20 of these lock related issues each day. Perhaps the most worrying issue here is that while professional firefighters are trying to get people back into their properties it's likely to hinder their response times to a life threatening emergency.

Before calling the emergency services - think, are there any lives in danger?

- If you find yourself locked in or out in London, LockRite could be with you within the hour and unlock your door.

Customer Calling London Locksmith

Why Choose LockRite Locksmith London:

  • One Hour Response
  • Emergency Door Opening For Lock Outs and Lock Ins
  • Work Guaranteed
  • Local London Locksmiths
  • DBS Checked Engineers
London Homes - Door Opening Services

According to a recent BBC report, among the top 20 postcodes for highest burglary risk were :

RM8, IG2, IG3, E18, RM11, TW11, EN4, W4, TW5, IG8, BR5, UB6, UB4, N11

London Home Security

According to a recent report by the BBC, London is one of the highest risk areas to be burgled in the UK, in the top spot for burglary risk is Dagenham, London. The statistics shouldn't frighten homeowners but should influence a decision to improve the security of your London home. We've listed a selection of our home security tips below :

  1. Always lock your doors and windows when you go out
  2. Ensure your garages and sheds are secure
  3. Make sure your keys aren't lying around in plain sight
  4. Don't hide your spare keys where others may look
  5. Install outdoor lighting that can detect movement
  6. Fit a burglar alarm
  7. Install British Standard Locks
  8. Don't publish your whereabouts on social media
  9. Use timers to switch indoor lighting on and off when you're away
  10. Ask neighbours to keep an eye out when you're away from home
  11. Beware of bogus door step collectors and canvassers

Interested in viewing crime figures for your London postcode? Use our "How safe is your neighbourhood?" app to find out more.

We have a network of expert locksmiths across London. Find your local locksmith now

UK Burglary Statistics

This video shows UK wide burglary statistics. The statistics show 35% of burglaries involved the theft of computer equipment or televisions, just over 30% of burglaries involved the theft of electrical goods like cameras and 34% involved the theft of cash, wallets or purses.

Perhaps the most shocking statistic to note is the fact that in 15% of burglaries, the perpetrator was able to get into a property through a door that was left unlocked.

According to the Metropolitan Police there were 71,888 burglaries in London during the 12 months to August 2015. Despite the alarming headline figure, burglaries in London were actually down 10.4% from the previous 12 months. London crime stats

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LockRite – Your Local Locksmiths in London

LockRite Locksmiths London

LockRite are your local locksmiths in London. Servicing all of Central London, Greater London and the surrounding areas, we provide a broad range of locksmith and security services to both commercial and residential customers. We also offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service with rapid response times, so whenever you need locksmith services in London, give your local locksmiths at LockRite a call.

All our locksmiths are London locals, which means we can get to your home or place of business quickly. It also means you’re supporting a local locksmith whilst enjoying the peace of mind that the services of a nationwide company provides.

General Locksmith Services for Commercial and Residential Customers

LockRite locksmith London provides both commercial and residential customers with a broad range of general locksmith services that deliver outstanding customer experiences. We take pride in the services we deliver, and the emphasis we place on customer service and value for money has made us the first choice for locksmith services among London businesses and residents. Our general locksmith services include the following:

Non-destructive entry

If you’ve lost your keys or locked yourself out of your home or place of work, our local locksmiths can gain entry to your property using the latest non-destructive entry techniques and equipment. We’ll get you back in without any unnecessary damage.

Burglary repairs

When a property has been broken into, there’s usually damage to the window or door where the intruder gained entry. To make the premises secure, this damage must be repaired immediately, so give us a call if you’re in need of burglary repairs.

Boarding up services

If you have broken or shattered windows, boarding them up straightaway is crucial to securing your property until they’re replaced. If your need your windows secured immediately, give LockRite locksmith London a call. We aim to get to your property within 30 minutes.

Lock changes and repairs

Our local London locksmiths can take care of all your lock change and repair needs. We can fit, supply, repair or change an extensive range of locks, including anti-snap locks, combination locks, mortice locks, Euro cylinders, and many more.

Key cutting

As all our vans are equipped with the latest key cutting equipment and a broad range of commercial and residential blank keys, we’re able to provide key cutting services on the spot. If we’re already at your property for another issue, don’t hesitate to ask.

Our general locksmith services are professional, value for money and provide peace of mind. If you have need of general locksmith services in Central London, Greater London or the surrounding areas, give the local locksmiths at LockRite a call.

Home Security – Don’t Take Any Chances with Your Family’s Wellbeing

Having served the security needs of London residents for many years, we can safely say that there’s no one-size-fits-all home security solution which can be implemented to provide peace of mind. What works wonders for a semi-detached family home in Wapping won’t deliver the same benefits for a studio apartment in Wembley and vice versa. So, what does this mean for Londoners looking to upgrade security at home?

It simply means a security solution which meets the precise needs and requirements of that particular residence need to be created. And the best way to create a security solution is to have a security survey carried out by experienced security specialists.

LockRite locksmith London can carry out a home security survey to help you understand the areas of your home most vulnerable to intrusion and the best means of securing your home. Our local locksmiths can also make sure your locks are covered by your insurer, and they can also advise you on how to make your home less of a target to thieves.

When carrying out security surveys for London residences, we often find that many people lack an understanding of home security and that many Londoners tend to overlook things that make their homes a target to thieves. These include:

Leaving valuables in plain sight

It may not seem like a problem since you’re at home, but leaving valuables like your purse, wallet, phone or laptop in plain sight of your ground floor windows can serve as an invitation to thieves. Keep them out of sight and away from your windows.

Leaving ground floor windows open

In summer, many Londoners leave their windows open to catch the breeze, but what about passers-by with criminal intent? Open ground floor windows are easy intrusion points for thieves, so keep them closed if you’re not at home or in the same room.

Posting holiday plans online

Sadly, we’ve seen a rise in the number of break-ins that can be attributed to sharing personal information online, and not only with strangers. If you plan on sharing your travel plans online, please be careful and only share with people you know and trust.

A lack of visible security

It’s often the case that a discrete, state-of-the-art security system doesn’t deliver the same home security benefits as something as simple as a shiny new deadbolt or a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign. Visible security measures are often the best deterrents.

Providing hiding places for burglars

Hedges and shrubs are a common sight across London. Although aesthetically pleasing, they can actually serve as hiding places for burglars. Make sure your garden doesn’t totally shield your windows and make it easy for thieves to hide.

Our local security experts can carry out a security survey at your home and advise you of the best measures to take to protect your family and possessions. If you’d like a free, no obligation home security survey quote, call 0203 292 0060.

Commercial Security – Make Sure Only Your Employees Can Gain Access

Commercial security is an issue right across London and the surrounding areas. Whilst areas like Camden, Islington and Westminster are hit hardest by crime, even in areas with below average crime rates like Bexley, Harrow and Sutton, commercial security isn’t something that any business owner can afford to take lightly.

LockRite can supply, install and maintain a wide range of high-tech access control systems that meet all the requirements of London businesses, and we also provide a broad range of commercial locksmith and security services. These include panic bar hardware, lock changes and repairs, suited master keyed systems, locking systems and handles, armour plated glass door locks, safes, cabinet locks, till drawer locks and many more. All our services can be tailored to meet your security requirements.

Install access controls on all doors

Access control systems are much more secure than traditional key locks and they’re also far more accountable. With a good access control system you can identify which of your employees gained access to your business premises and at what time.

Illuminate all entrance and exit points

Brightly lit entrance and exit points (usually front and back doors) can serve as an excellent deterrent to thieves. When the entrance points of a business premises aren’t clearly visible, preferably from the street, they tend to appeal to thieves.

Install a quality CCTV system

A quality CCTV system not only serves as a deterrent to thieves, it also provides evidence if your business premises is broken into. As a Yale Smart Security Partner, LockRite’s local locksmiths can supply and install Yale’s entire HD CCTV range.

Have an alarm installed

Recent statistics show that 60% of burglars would be discouraged from targeting a property if they knew an alarm was installed. With or without armour plated glass door locks and a visible CCTV system, an alarm can be a highly effective deterrent.

Lock up valuable goods and equipment

Our local London locksmiths can install a variety of locks and highly secure cabinets that empower you to lock up your valuable goods and equipment in your business premises. These include safes, till drawer locks, cabinet locks and many more.

To learn more about the commercial locksmith and security services that LockRite provides for London businesses, or for national account enquiries, give us a call on 0203 292 0060. One of our team can arrange for a local London locksmith to visit your business premises and discuss your needs at a time that’s convenient for you.

Why LockRite for Local Locksmith Services in London?

With so many local locksmith service providers operating across the City of London, Greater London and the surrounding areas, why should you give the locksmiths at LockRite a call for all your commercial and residential locksmith and security needs?

To start with, LockRite is the largest uniformed Locksmith network serving both domestic and commercial clients in the UK. All our locksmiths are Londoners who live locally, so they’ll always arrive at your home or place of work promptly, even for 24-hour emergency call outs. Moreover, all our locksmiths are fully vetted, qualified, trained and DBS checked for your assurances of quality, safety and security at all times.

If you need commercial or residential locksmith or security services in London, don’t hesitate to give your friendly local locksmiths at LockRite a call. We get it done Rite!

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We have a network of uniformed locksmiths throughout London that are trained in the latest non destructive entry techniques, ready to attend to the locksmithing needs of homes and businesses from Croydon To Enfield, 24 hours a day.

Each of our London locksmiths are self employed individuals working within your locality. By choosing LockRite you are choosing to support a local business, while having the reliability of a Nationwide brand.

The boroughs we cover include :

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