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Smart Locks

Smart Locks allow you to lock your doors with the tap of a button. You can lock and unlock your door by using a dedicated security app, dedicated key fob or by typing in a unique code. You can even give a temporary code to allow friends, relatives or cleaners in while your away.

Smart locks have been in circulation for some time, but it’s only recently that they’ve become a common sight. Smart security devices have become very popular over the past few years, so expect to see many more British homes decked out with smart security systems that put homeowners in complete control of their home security.

Smart Locks - Are they the future of home security?

Smart Locks - Are they the future of home security?

So, what are smart locks and why are they such a great way to secure your home? Smart locks are electromechanical locks designed to execute locking and unlocking functions. To lock or unlock the door, the smart lock must first receive instructions from an authorised device using a cryptographic (secret) key via a wireless protocol, like Bluetooth for example. Smart locks can also monitor access and send alerts.

The Benefits – Why Install Smart Locks?

Besides convenience, which is one of the most prominent reasons for the popularity of smart locks and smart home systems, there are many notable benefits to having your doors outfitted with smart locks.

More advanced security options

Depending on the model of smart lock you have installed at home, your lock should provide a wealth of security options. For instance, there’s no need to leave a spare key out for a friend, simply have them call you when they arrive at your home and you can let them in remotely. What’s more, they’re also more secure than traditional locks, for which keys can be copied at most locksmiths around the country.

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock

No need to carry physical keys

Physical keys are a nuisance at the best of times. Not only can you lose them, leave them in the house or lock yourself out, but if someone else gets hold of your keys they’ll have access to your home until you have new locks installed. Physical keys are also a nuisance to carry around in that they’re often cumbersome, and now that everyone has a smartphone, they can also cause untold damage to digital devices.

Monitor your home remotely

This is one of the biggest advantages to having smart locks installed at home. Most smart lock systems enable you to keep track of when the doors were unlocked and by whom. This enables you to, for instance, see when the kids came home, or at what time the babysitter arrived to look after them. Many business owners have had smart locks installed on the entrance points at their place of work for this reason.

Are Smart Locks Suitable for All Doors?

In a nutshell, no. At the present point in time, some doors aren’t compatible with all smart lock systems, though this may change in the future. As a Yale Smart Security Partner, LockRite supplies and installs high-tech Yale Digital Smart Locks, which are designed for use with different door types. 

PVCu and composite doors are best fitted with the Yale Keyfree Connected smart lock, while timber doors are best fitted with the Yale Keyless smart lock. If you have any questions about Yale Smart Locks, give your local locksmiths at LockRite a call.

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock

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