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Locksmith Prices - Open Door Showing Door Handle and Keys

Locksmith Prices 2024 — How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

How much does a locksmith cost? If you are asking this question, chances are that you are either dealing with a lock-related emergency or simply moving house and looking to change the locks.

Either way, it is important to know that locksmith prices can vary greatly between different companies. On top of that, numerous other factors can affect the price, such as the type of problem you are facing and the components at your disposal.

Security is of utmost importance to all of us, so it makes perfect sense that we would like to protect our homes with top-quality and effective locks. However, just like in any other trade, the prices tend to change over time.

Homeowner unlocking uPVC door with key

We've all done it :

You're on your way out of the house and wham! the door closes behind you. At this point you realise you've left your keys inside the house and the door is locked with you on the outside. You start to worry about getting back into the house, and, on top of that, you're now running late for that important meeting or the school run.

It's in these situations, when you're in urgent need of a locksmith near you, prices can get a little hard to track. That is why, to help you get a clear picture of the numbers, we have compiled this locksmith price guide based on the estimates of recent locksmith jobs.

Locksmith Prices - Using Debit Or Credit Card

However, keep in mind that the exact amount you are going to pay ultimately depends on the company you call and the unique problem in question. These are estimates only and may not represent the actual price you pay.

First off:

Why do you need a locksmith?

Normally, we don’t spend too much time thinking about just how many situations exist around us which could potentially require the help of a locksmith. On the contrary, such thoughts only cross our minds once a problem emerges. Thankfully, there are professionals on standby, ready to help whenever such an occasion arises.

There are many skills and services a locksmith can provide but generally speaking, a locksmith can repair an old lock for you or replace it with a new one, rekey your locks or make key copies and gain access to a property when you're locked out.

Locksmith opening door for locked out customer

Here are just a few scenarios that require help from a locksmith:

Locked yourself out of the house - A typical situation where people need a locksmith is when you lock yourself out of your home. Such situations are incredibly stressful by default. What you want is a locksmith who can arrive immediately and get you into your home as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if you’ve lost a combination for your lock, a locksmith may be able to reset the combination without the need to replace or damage the lock. If you've lost your keys, a locksmith can replace the lock and supply you with a new set of keys.

Locks starting to show signs of wear - Even if your functional lock is just starting to give you trouble, it's a good idea to contact a professional locksmith. Otherwise, you’re under the risk of your lock breaking down when you least expect it.

New locks - Not all locksmith services are emergencies. If you have recently moved house, you most probably want to fit new locks on your property. Likewise, you may want to make more copies of your keys and replace or upgrade the locks on your windows, garages, sheds etc. Believe it or not, many people forget about the security risks when buying a new home. Let's be honest: how many times have you given a spare house key to a friend or family member? and how many times have you asked for the key to be returned? The fact is, many homeowners will give spare keys to friends, neighbours and family members without getting them back before selling. The only problem? If a new occupier moves in, the old keys are still out there! If the new owner's don't change the locks, there's always the possibility that someone unexpected could access the house using a key.

So let’s get to it:

How much does a locksmith cost?

Here’s the deal:

The cost of a locksmith in 2024 can vary greatly depending on the locksmith you choose, the services you require, the time that's needed to complete the work and the locks or tools that are required. To make things easier, we've estimated the prices of the most common types of locksmith jobs, based on research published online by Which? Trusted Traders and our own experience.

To get the most accurate and up to date quote for your lock issue, please call our experienced team on 0800 0612 677. All our locksmiths live in the areas they serve or close enough for a short commute, so they can usually be with you within an hour.

uPVC door lock replacement

An average uPVC door lock replacement cost is around £35 - £45 for the lock, plus the price of the labour. Including labour, the cost of replacing a budget Euro cylinder in a uPVC door could cost from £100 - £150. If you opt for an anti-snap Euro cylinder instead, you'll likely pay a higher price, expect to pay somewhere between £125 - £170.

Locksmith replacing uPVC door lock

Mortice lock replacement

The cost of a mortice lock can be slightly higher than that of uPVC cylinder locks, but depends on the number of levers in the lock. On average, a Mortice lock will cost around £45. Plus the labour.

Changing all house locks

If you want to change all the locks in your home, you can expect to pay around £350 on average. Clearly, this value is dependant on the number of locks in the property, the type of locks you need installed and time spent on site by the locksmith.

Key Extraction for Broken Key In Lock

If you've gone to use your lock and the key has snapped inside the lock. There's a chance the key can be removed. If the broken key can be extracted without replacing the cylinder, then the price is likely to be between £80 - £100.

To open a Mortice Lock and Rim Lock

If you've lost your keys and need to gain entry to your locks, the price of opening one standard mortice lock, as well as one standard rim lock, will likely cost you between £90 - £130.

Locksmith gaining entry to door lock by picking

Emergency window boarding

If burglars have damaged your windows beyond repair, you may need emergency boarding up services. This service on average can cost between £100 - £200 depending on the quantity and size of windows that need boarding up.

Locksmith Labour Cost

As for the price of the labour in these situations, it depends on whether you’re only extracting the key, replacing the cylinder or even the entire mechanism. In most cases, the problem in question requires nothing more than a cylinder replacement, which can be done within an hour. The average cost of using a locksmith in an emergency is around £89 for the labour. In many emergency cases, you won’t need a lock replaced. A skilled locksmith will be able to pick or open the lock without causing damage if you're locked out, or if your lock's damaged, they can offer a repair to your locks over a replacement if possible without compromising the security or integrity of the lock.

Locksmith Job Locksmith Cost Estimate (£)
uPVC door lock replacement £35 - £45 for the lock, plus the price of the labour.
Change all the locks at a new property £350 on average. Dependant on the number of locks in the property and their type.
Replacing a Euro Cylinder in uPVC Door From £100 - £150. If you opt for an anti-snap Euro cylinder instead, expect to pay more. This would usually be in the region of £125 - £170 depending on the brand and the locksmith used.
Key Extraction for Broken Key In Lock £80 - £100 if you've broken your key in your lock and the key can be extracted by a skilled locksmith.
To open a Mortice Lock and Rim Lock £90 - £130 to open one standard mortice lock, as well as one standard rim lock.
Gearbox case replacement Around £250 - £350

Have you wondered:

What determines the price of a locksmith?

The make and model of the lock or locks required

Many different kinds of locks exist, and the larger, more complex types, such as smart locks are likely to cost you more to supply and fit. Furthermore, locks will differ in terms of brand and quality. Installing a basic, unbranded lock is significantly cheaper than investing in a top-quality brand. There are other things to take into consideration too, such as whether you want an anti-snap lock installed for further protection against thieves or if you'd like to install a British Standard lock to meet your specific insurance requirements.

There are many types of locks for different doors and you may not know excatly what you need before calling a locksmith. That's why there are some helpful guides that can help you to understand what lock you have. Our guide to identifying your locks can help. You're best and safest approach is to consult with a locksmith directly to learn which type of lock will suit your needs best.

Key in lock

The locksmith company you choose

Ensure you find a reputable and trustworthy locksmith company. Check out online reviews and customer experiences and take all recommendations into account. In the long run, it is advisable to hire a trustworthy, experienced locksmith, both for the sake of security and to avoid the lock breaking again in the future.

Avoid calling double-glazing companies. Why? They are most likely to insist on changing your entire door, rather than fixing only the broken part of the mechanism. You can end up paying much more that way.

Working hours

Locksmith prices in emergency situations will also be affected by the exact hour when you are calling. If you require assistance in the middle of the night, it is natural to assume that the locksmith will charge more for their service. The upside to that is the fact that many locksmiths are available 24/7 and will waste no time in getting over and helping you out.

All things considered, make sure you inform your locksmith in advance about the location and the type of the lock. That way, you make sure that they arrive prepared, with the right tools at their disposal.

Hourly rates

In most cases, locksmith companies will charge you by the hour. If you need only one lock fixed or replaced, you can be confident that the job will be done within one hour. However, if you are moving house and want all the locks changed, expect to pay for 2–3 hours of work, depending on the quantity of locks.

To sum up:

Keep in mind that there are different types of locks. You should inform your locksmith in detail about the types of locks they are supposed to work with. Otherwise, if your locksmith needs to replace an uncommon part, they aren’t likely to have it on them. As a consequence, you’ll have to wait for them to bring it back from their office, which will result in a higher fee for you.

How much to change locks on a door — common instances

uPVC door lock replacement cost

uPVC Door With British Standard Cylinder Lock

What we call uPVC doors are mostly double-glazed plastic doors, with similar-looking locks, handles, and cylinders. Most uPVC lock units use Euro cylinders, which cost around £45 on average. If you experience a problem with your lock, do not try fixing it yourself. Even if you buy a new cylinder in retail, you will likely end up damaging it, in which case the retailer will not grant you a refund.

Instead, opt to call an experienced locksmith who can effectively resolve your issue.

Some uPVC lock units are actually multi-point mechanisms. If you have one of those, you probably know how easy it is to jam them by using force. If that is the case, you need a locksmith to realign the frame points and the lucks. Fortunately, although complicated, this service is usually inexpensive.

Night latches

British Standard Night Latch Lock In Wooden Door

Many wooden doors utilise night latches. With these locks, the key momentarily retracts the latch to allow entry. Once the key is out, the latch is back. Changing the cylinder of this lock for the sake of security is relatively inexpensive. However, expect to pay more if the entire lock needs to be changed.

Mortice locks

British Standard Mortice Lock In Wooden Door

Wooden doors often require mortice locks. A mortice lock requires a pocket, called a mortice, to be cut into the wooden door. The price of a new mortice lock starts around £45. You can normally choose between 3 and 5-lever locks: the former locks are suitable for interior doors, while the latter should be used for front doors. Higher quality locks are more likely to be compliant with your insurance policy, so always keep that in mind.

Boarding up

Apart from fixing locks, locksmiths can also help you quickly board up your home if burglars have damaged your doors and windows beyond repair. Unfortunately, this process is somewhat more expensive for you since you will have to both pay for the boarding up and afterwards replacing your doors and windows. The average price of emergency boarding up is £200, although that depends on the time of day, the amount of boarding up necessary, and your locksmith’s fees. On top of that, this type of work usually lasts for more than an hour, so you should prepare the adequate budget for that.

Emergency locksmith prices

A surprising number of different incidents can leave you in need of an emergency locksmith. You could lock your keys in the house or your key could break in the lock. The most unfortunate cause for emergency locksmith work would be experiencing a burglary.

Locksmith repairing upvc door

Naturally, emergency locksmith prices will depend on several factors. Those include the type of emergency you’re facing, the type of locks involved, and the time of day when the problem takes place.

On average, the price of calling an emergency locksmith is around £89 for the labour, not including the prices of any additional components which may be necessary, as well as the VAT. Most quality locksmiths do not have a call-out charge and instead only charge for the labour and the components. However, you will only learn the exact price of the labour once an expert arrives to assess the problem.

Emergency locksmiths are typically available at all times and proficient in many different practices their customers may need help with. These experts can help you unlock a door if you're locked out or lost your keys, remove a broken key from a lock, or anything else you might need. On top of that, they typically provide these services quickly and effectively.

However, if you are calling at an unusual hour, such as the middle of the night, expect to pay a higher price for the labour than you would during the day. Although, under such circumstances, the extra charge is presumably the least of your worries.

You might be wondering:

How to lower the price of a locksmith — a general tip

If what you need is an emergency locksmith, then you are probably in no position to choose. Under any other circumstances, however, you should definitely take your time to shop around. Your goal is to find a company which is reliable and trustworthy that preferrably uses local locksmiths. It is always a good idea to compare several quotes, check out customer reviews, and pay attention to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Customer calling Locksmith for help

However, the most important tip is not to try to repair, pick open or drill a lock on your own. Doing that yourself or asking a friend for help usually results in further damage to the lock, door, or frame. As a consequence, what used to be a fixable lock may need to be changed completely, costing you more money.

On top of that, never attempt the old and hackneyed movie trick of opening the lock with your credit card. You will not succeed at opening the door but it's likely that you will damage both your lock and the card.

Changing the locks at a new property - How much does it cost to change the locks?

Not everyone is trying to find out emergency locksmith prices. Some people are simply moving into a new home and looking to replace the locks there. We consider it smart and conscientious to change every lock whenever you move into a new property.

With that said, how much does it cost to change locks at a new property? The exact locksmith prices will depend on the size of your house and the number of locks you have there, which includes every window and door. That number will also affect the duration of the replacement process — a very large house may take a few hours of work. On top of that, the local locksmith prices will differ depending on the type of lock you are buying — mortice locks, for instance, cost more than Euro locks.

Locksmith changing eurocylinder lock

Here is a clear summary of the main points influencing the locksmith prices if you are changing all the locks:

  1. The time it will take to replace the locks (which is affected by the locksmith’s hourly rate)
  2. The exact number of windows and doors
  3. The type of new locks you want to buy

The average cost of changing all the locks in a house is normally around £350. Naturally, that number will differ from house to house and from locksmith to locksmith. You can, however, expect something close to this number. Make sure to contact your insurer and learn which types of locks are compliant with your insurance policy!

What’s the bottom line?

Locksmith prices 2024 — summary

How much does a locksmith cost? As you’ve seen in this locksmith price guide, the exact price you need to pay depends on various factors. However, there are numerous efforts you can undertake to reduce your expenses and avoid lock-related problems.

All things considered, it is advisable to keep your locks in a good condition for two reasons. The main reason for that is, naturally, the importance of personal safety. The other reason is taking action in time to prevent a lock-related accident from happening.

However, even if you do end up in trouble, any reputable emergency locksmith will be ready to assist you 24/7. Normally, locksmiths are effective and quick at fixing your locks. Hopefully, now you know enough about locksmiths and locksmith prices to change locks without a hitch if the need arises.

If you are not experiencing an emergency right now, use this time as an opportunity to find a trustworthy locksmith. It pays off to keep all the locks in your home in a pristine condition.

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