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Holiday Home Security – The Common Mistakes

We all do our bit when trying to deter burglars from our homes, read our previous blogs for tips, however there are some common mistakes made that will often do nothing but encourage potential thieves. When on holiday it is even more crucial to avoid these blunders, so if you’ve got a trip planned read our examples here:

Late Bills1: Post Pile Up. Leaving your mail to build up whilst you are away is a common visual clue for burglars trying to find an unoccupied home. As discussed in a previous blog, why not consider signing up for The Royal Mail KeepSafe™ service which will hold your mail for up to 66 days? Also to avoid prying eyes through your letter box why not try our tips to avoid letterbox burglary?

2: Drawing Curtains. Drawing curtains and leaving a light on can be an excellent visual deterrent, but only for an evening. If you are on holiday, leaving curtains drawn for several days, even weeks, is more of an indicator that your home is empty than if you left them open! Why not get some net curtains? They are more commonly drawn throughout the day and block prying eyes.

3: Empty Driveway. A big indicator of an empty house is an empty driveway, especially if yours is usually full and active. To combat this, why not invite a trustworthy neighbour to use the extra space for their cars, or ask close-by family or friends to park their cars there on occasion.

4: Broken Alarm. Dummy/dead alarms have significant worth when deterring potential thieves, however, many skilled burglars will be aware that in a lot of homes these alarms will not be active, and will be able to distinguish between active and dummy devices. Furthermore if your alarm is visibly broken this will do nothing but entice thieves, believing that your home security systems are faulty. Make sure that your alarm or dummy alarm looks alive and working at all times.

5: Leaving a Note. If you get a milk delivery or something similar to your home on a regular basis, you may think it courteous to leave a note explaining that you are on holiday for ‘x’ amount of weeks. True, a build up of milk on your doorstep is a big sign of a house unoccupied. However, why not arrange a break in your delivery ahead of time? Leaving a note during your absence is a big risk to your home security.

6: Windows. Every household has a window or two that is always left open or unlocked, out of habit or common use. However when on holiday it is important not to forget to lock all windows tight, not just leaving them on the latch, to ensure that no thief can enter easily.

7: Un-kept Garden. A huge indicator of an empty home is an un-kept garden, especially if yours is usually neat and well maintained. If you are away for a few days why not mow the grass and weed plants the day before you leave? If you are away for an extended amount of time it may be worth asking a trustworthy neighbour, family or friend to come round and do some trimming.

8: Social Media. As discussed in a previous blog, an increasingly popular burglarising technique is to use location settings to check for local social media posts about going on holiday. If you broadcast your homes vacancy online, you are near enough inviting tech-savvy thieves to check out your home. Be safe online.


We hope that after reading this, you will avoid making these common holiday home security blunders! At LockRite we can do our part by making sure that your locks are all British Standard approved and that your home security is up to scratch, to enquire about a home security survey call 0800 0612 677.



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