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Does Social Media Put Your Home at Risk?

When it comes to home security, filtering your social media is probably last on most people’s lists of ways to prevent a break in. However, statistics suggest that it is fast becoming one of the most serious threats to your household against thieves as more and more people are putting sensitive information online.

blank tweet
On Twitter, unless disabled (seen here) location is automatically posted with your tweet.

In recent years, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media sites have enabled location ‘check in’s on their posting system which many people will use to share their activity with their friends. However, whilst this function is useful for telling people about a meal at a particular restaurant, leaving the setting on could also inadvertently be releasing your address when posting at home.

Having your address on social media, intentionally or not, is a big risk. Thinking from the perspective of a thief, if you see someone post about a family holiday, having already known their address, this could be seen as an open invitation to come check out their empty house. To help prevent your social media from becoming a gateway for burglars you can turn off location settings (or be very aware of when you are using it).

Similarly, people have a bad habit of documenting their latest shopping purchases, effectively providing an inventory for burglars of your homes newest additions. Broadcasting pictures of your homes new television, gaming consoles, or even clothes can all be very enticing for potential intruders. Be wary of what you are posting.

Facebook also gives you the option to add a location to your post.
Facebook also gives you the option to add a location to your post.

Location settings paired with documenting holidays, day trips, even simply being out of the house could all be putting your home at risk from burglars. Adjusting your posting habits on social media could be a free, easy and effective method of combating burglary so why not give it a try?

If you have any other concerns about your home security why not give LockRite a call for a comprehensive home survey at 0800 0612 677 or visit our main site lockrite.org

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