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Top Tips For Home Security On a Budget This Christmas

The nights are drawing in, frost is on the ground, and it won’t be long before Santa is on his sleigh! However, what is a time of year for festivities and indulgence for some, can also be a tough one for others, with finances stretched to the limit on just trying to keep the house safe and warm. It’s going to be even harder this year, with the energy tariffs increasing by over 50%, as well as steep hikes in the cost of food. Keeping your house safe and secure is even more important at this time of year, as families prepare for the arrival of Father Christmas and need to keep all their gifts safe and sound. We have some great tips for improving your home security that won’t break the bank. Take a look at our tips below:

Hide your valuables

One of the cheapest ways to improve your home security on a budget is to ensure that all valuables such as keys and purses are kept out of sight and reach of the door. It may be tempting to throw them on the side table next to the door when you arrive home from work (as well as making them easy to remember when you go out!), it’s important to hide them from view and thereby stop them from being an easy target for a burglar. Of course, any presents you have wrapped ready for Christmas should be left out of sight too. Father Christmas knows to come down the chimney instead of the front door, so your keys don’t need to be on show, especially on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Presents In Brown Paper
Christmas Presents Wrapped In Brown Paper
Keeping Valuables Out Of Sight

Install exterior lighting

Lights with motion sensors are one of the best options for home security on a budget, with some models on sale for less than £20 and keeping your home well-lit can deter any opportunist thieves, as well as stop you scrabbling around in the dark for your key! Security lights are a worthwhile, cheap investment for your home, and can have a big impact. Websites such as Screwfix and B&Q have a range of security lights available within this budget

Outdoor Security Lighting

Checking your doors and changing your locks

After such a fantastic summer, it seems hard to believe that we are now faced with sub-zero temperatures and the possibility of snow. However, freezing conditions and lack of moisture can cause your door frame to contract, leading to a poor fit between the door and lock, meaning that it might be harder to lock properly, as well as increasing the possibility of your key getting stuck. If adjustments can be made to your doors, it could help to keep your house warm, and potentially fix some common door lock problems. A new lock can help to keep draughts out, and keep precious warm air in, meaning you won’t need to keep your radiators firing all day long. Changing your locks is one of the cheapest options to help secure your home, and our specialist locksmiths fit, change or repair a wide variety of locks, so get in touch today to ensure your house is well-protected.

Adjustments To Lock and Door
Adjustments To Lock and Door
Front Doors
Front Doors

Install an alarm

According to ONS, burglaries are 1.14 times more likely to take place in winter, as thieves prefer to operate in darker conditions. Fitting your home with an alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent, and a quick and simple upgrade for home security on a budget. Take a look at the Yale Smart Home Alarm which we can install. These alarm systems are ideal for all types of home, from flat, to terraced or detached. Fitting an alarm doesn’t have to break the bank and having peace of mind that your loved ones and gifts under the tree are safe and secure this Christmas is priceless.

If an alarm system is out of your budget this year, a fake or “dummy” alarm siren could help to deter opportunistic thieves passing by creating the appearance of a real alarm system. They look just like their more expensive, working versions, but work only as a visual deterrent, as they are not paired to a live alarm system. These can be found for around £30 in DIY and hardware stores or Amazon. A good example is the Yale dummy siren which includes an integrated flashing LED light, currently on sale for £29.

Yale Sync Smart Alarm Siren

Make sure to check out our other great blogs about how to protect against common methods use to enter your home, as well as how to secure your sliding glass door, so you can be as protected as possible. Get in touch today with one of our local locksmiths who will be happy to help. 

5 Benefits Of Using Smart Locks For Your Home

Smart locks have risen in popularity over recent years, and it is estimated that a staggering 57% of homes in Britain contain at least one smart device in their home. Whether that be to make sure the house is warm for when they get home, or turn the lights off to save electricity, smart home devices are here to stay. Smart locks are a fantastic way to enhance your home security, increase accessibility, and are quick and easy to install. Take a look at the 5 benefits of using smart locks below and upgrade your home security today.

  1. Keyless entry

We all know the feeling: frantically rummaging around in your bag trying to find your keys, only to feel the dread in the pit of your stomach as you realize they are nowhere to be found, and you have no way of gaining access to your house. However, standing out in the cold waiting to be let in could be a thing of the past with the installation of smart locks, as they do not require a key. All you need is your smartphone and internet/Wi-Fi connection, but even if your phone is damaged, lost or out of power, there are still alternative ways to gain access to your home. These will vary depending on the type of smart lock you own. Typical alternative access methods include a pin code, a manual key over ride, a key fob or access to the smart lock app via another device.

  1. Accessibility

With smart locks, you can provide access to your home for others, no matter where you are. So, whether it be to let in a neighbour to water the plants whilst you are on holiday, or the delivery driver to leave your package in the porch so it doesn’t get stolen, all is possible with the right smart lock, and saves you the rush back home to let someone in.

Yale Linus Smart Lock
Yale Linus Smart Lock In Silver
  1. Security

One of the most obvious benefits of smart locks is the additional security they offer. Long gone are the days when you have to leave a key under the flowerpot, which is the first place a burglar will check. With certain smart locks, you can set unique codes for people who need to access your home. What’s more, you can decide how long each code is valid for, and a time window for when they can be used, so you know exactly who is gaining entry to your house and when. It’s possible the very appearance of a smart lock can also be a deterrent to burglars, as being keyless, there is no possibility of lock picking. Smart locks can also integrate with other security devices such as security cameras and smart doorbells.

  1. Notifications

We have all second-guessed ourselves on whether we have locked the door on leaving the house and may have even returned to double-check! A smart lock does all the hard work for you and will send you a notification if you have left the door unlocked, as well as remind you to lock it before you leave your home. Furthermore, it can let you know who has entered your home, so can give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your loved ones have made it home safely.

  1. Good investment

Although smart locks are more expensive at the outset than traditional locks, they are cost-effective in the long term. It can be time-consuming and expensive to change all the locks in the house, as well as have new keys made, whereas smart lock installation is quick and easy, as well as looking sleek and stylish. Smart locks also suit any door and can be used internally in your house to protect sentimental items. Furthermore, peace of mind when it comes to your home security is worth its weight in gold, and worth every penny knowing your house is safe and secure.

Make sure to check out our other great blogs about how to protect against common methods use to enter your home, as well as how to secure your sliding glass door, so you can be as protected as possible. Get in touch today with one of our local locksmiths who will be happy to help. 

How To Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

2022 experienced a summer that kept on giving! Over the last few months, we have experienced some truly gorgeous sunny weather, and the majority of us have thrown open our windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate and cool down our houses and apartments. 

However, burglary rates tend to rise along with the temperature: burglaries were up from 16,294 in April to 17,274 in July, with a burglary occurring every 106 seconds (Review42). It’s even more important to consider how to secure your home in the summer months. Lots of us have French doors and sliding doors in rooms which allow direct access to the garden. This is a fantastic feature to have, and is great for opening up access to green space, and bringing the outdoors in. Nevertheless, remembering to secure your sliding glass door after a day outside is crucial in order to stop burglars taking advantage of easy access into your house. Take a look below to find out some of the best ways to secure your sliding glass door, and keep your house secure during the warmer weather.

  1. Check your door frame

If you are considering getting sliding doors put in, it is important to ensure the door frame is sturdy enough to support locking mechanisms. Sliding doors come in different styles, so consider if you want one or both doors to slide, and how you will be able to secure them effectively. Applying a shatterproof window film to the sliding door also enhances security, in giving an additional layer of protection.

  1. Install a sliding glass door lock

It may be stating the obvious, but fitting a lock that is specially designed for sliding glass doors is key to ensuring the door is as burglar proof as it can be. Sliding glass door locks are an addition to the standard lock which the doors will come with, and give additional protection. They are attached at the top of the door, meaning they can’t accidentally be tampered with by children, and make it impossible to force the door open. Sliding door locks also come with the added benefit of 2 settings; for when the door is locked completely, or locked with a gap to allow air circulation in a secure way. 

  1. Install a deadbolt or door brace

If you want to add even more security, then it might be worth considering a deadbolt or door brace to help secure your sliding glass doors. Most sliding doors permit the addition of a deadbolt, and is ideal for ensuring the door can’t slide back. For French doors, we would recommend the addition of a door brace, which can withstand a lot of pressure. They ensure that the doors remain in place, however much force is applied and even if the doors are unlocked. We can supply and fit a great range of locks, and our expert locksmiths are happy to talk you through which lock would work best for you.

  1. Install CCTV

It’s now a common occurrence to have a camera fitted at the front of the house, but it could also be a good idea to install one at the back, for added security and more peace of mind. We install the Yale Smart Home CCTV, which connects straight to your smartphone, and can be set up to record continuously or when motion is detected. We also fit PIR Sensors, which detect movement and sound an alarm when movement is detected. 

Yale Smart CCTV Installed
Yale Smart Home CCTV

Follow our steps to make sure you know how to secure your sliding door, and get in touch today with one of our local locksmiths who will be happy to help. Make sure to check out our other great blog posts about how to protect against common methods used to enter your home, as well as the 5 benefits of changing your locks, so you can be as protected as possible.

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Yale Linus Smart Lock

Yale Linus
Smart Lock

The Yale Linus door lock. A keyless lock, designed to secure and simplify your life. Lock and unlock your door, no matter where you are.

yale Conexis L1 Lock Installed

Yale Conexis
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The smart door lock that puts you fully in control. The Yale Conexis gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key.

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Yale Keyless
Connected Smart Lock

The Keyless Lock allows you complete control over how you lock your home. Unlock with a PIN, key card, key tag, remote fob or your phone.

Yale Sync Smart Alarm Siren

Yale Sync Alarm

The Yale Linus door lock. A keyless lock, designed to secure and simplify your life. Lock and unlock your door, no matter where you are.

Yale Smart CCTV Installed


The smart door lock that puts you fully in control. The Yale Conexis gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key.