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Are You Vulnerable to Home Theft? Here’s What to Look out for

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It’s an adage which can be applied to home security, as well. That’s because, to ensure the best protection against home theft, you have to look at your house as a system with potentially unguarded points.

However, it’s not always easy to know where to start.

To help you out, we want to show you what to look for to efficiently assess your home’s vulnerability and take action if needed.

Start with Your Home’s Doors

This is the best place to begin, given the fact in 72% of all cases, a burglar will use the front door to enter a home.

Here are a few signs which could indicate a vulnerability when it comes to your door’s security:

  • The doors are not equipped with British Standard Approved locks. The easiest way to check if your locks have been certified by the British Standard Institute for complying with the required security standards is to see if British Standard Kite Mark is engraved on the lock.
  • Key locks which fit the Euro Cylinder profile. These are at high risk of lock snapping, a criminal practice which has become more common over recent years.  You can learn more about the risks, as well as the benefits of investing in anti-snap locks here.
  • Your doors don’t have door viewers and door chains, which means you have less control over access to your home. That’s because you have no way of knowing who is on the other side of the door until you open it. If you’re looking for a more high-tech surveillance solution to solve the same problem, consider Yale’s smart HD CCTV range, as well.

These are all issues our professional locksmiths can help you address, so call us on 0800 0612 677 to get a free, no-obligation quote and learn more about the array of solutions we provide.

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Continue with the Windows

Look for these signs which indicate your windows are not being correctly secured, thus exposing your property to home theft:

  • Small window latches.  These can easily be broken using sheer force. If you think your windows have this vulnerability, consider reinforcing them with sliding bolt locks on the bottom.
  • Leaving your blinds open, making it easy for everyone to see inside. It’s essential to use curtains and keep valuables out of sight – especially on the first level of your home.
  • Forgetting to close your windows when you’re not home. Even people who are diligent about locking their doors sometimes forget to secure their windows when stepping out. Do your best to prevent this and also have family meetings where you discuss the importance of locking the doors with your loved ones.

Don’t Forget About the Outside Garden Area and Surroundings

Ungroomed bushes, for instance, can give burglars the impression no one is home, which makes a property more susceptible to being targeted by burglars.

Another aspect which often gets overlooked by homeowners is shed security.  Your shed might hold the tools needed to help burglar force their way into your home. Be mindful of this and keep your shed locked at all times.

home theft

The location of your house could also be an indicator of how vulnerable it is to home theft. You can use this resource on our site to check recent crime statistics for your local area and find out how safe your neighbourhood is.

Also, if your property backs up to a forest, open lot or other unguarded areas, we recommended having security cameras with infrared LED night vision installed, as well as burglar alarms.

This way, you can keep an eye on what’s going on your property 24/7 and gain peace of mind knowing your home has an added layer of security.

Employ These Tips to Reduce the Chances of Home Theft

This is essential information every homeowner should be aware of to protect their families and possessions. So that’s why we encourage you to share this article on social media with others who could stand to benefit from this insight, as well.

Top Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

The technology that made keyless door locks possible has been around for a while now.

More specifically, since remote keyless systems have been implemented by carmakers, allowing car owners to conveniently open and shut their cars’ doors from afar.

A keyless entry system replaces the mechanical key with remote control based on radio waves communicating with a receiver unit. This technology has been refined for a few years now, so it presents a high degree of reliability, with advantages that can’t be overlooked.

This article is all about these benefits, so let’s see in what ways could keyless home access improve your home security.

Stress-Free from Physical Keys

keyless door locks

Entering a building using a physical key is what we’ve been accustomed to. As habitual as this is, it also implies a certain degree of stress: keep your key in a secure place, don’t lose your key, find ways of giving the key to someone else – these are some of the concerns that come with owning a physical key.

With keyless locks, however, there’s no need for such worries.

You’ll just have to make sure you either have a functional phone with the smart lock app installed or keep in mind the unique code that activates the lock.

No Spare Key(s) to Worry about

Quite a lot of homeowners have made a habit out of leaving a spare key somewhere on their property. Their rationale is that you never know when you’ll need one, so better make sure you have a backup plan.

Keyless door locks eliminate the need for such a security measure and the danger that some intruder might discover the location of that spare key.

Once you install keyless access to your door, spare keys will stop being a subject you’ll worry about.

Easily Grant Access to Others

A lot of times, you’ll need authorised persons (like pet walkers, housekeeping personnel, or trusted acquaintances) to enter your home.

So, you have to arrange your schedule to make sure they get the key while you are not at home. And, sometimes, these kinds of arrangements can be tricky.

Not if you have a keyless access system at your door, though. Keyless locks enable you to send unique access codes to anyone you authorise into your home. A time-saving and stress-free process, we’d say.

keyless door locks


The costs of re-keying physical locks may not seem relevant, but they add up over time – especially when it comes to multi-family homes or office buildings.

In turn, keyless locks imply minimal and less expensive maintenance services.

Another cost-effective aspect of no-cylinder locks is that they don’t always require door frame modifications; in some cases, they can just be applied to the door. What’s more, they can also be easier to maintain, install, replace and integrate.

Keyless Door Locks – Are You Ready to Welcome One into Your Life?

If you can’t really bring yourself to believe in the keyless technology because you’re used to the key-based one, we’ve got good news for you.

Top locksmith service providers like Lockrite are fully prepared to offer assistance with keyless door locks technology, so you’re still benefiting from the support of specialists who can intervene at any given moment.

For more details on how this could work out for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Locks Security 101: How to Protect Your Home Against Lock Snapping

A burglary can not only cause significant material loss, but also lead to emotional distress, including panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

And in 72% of cases, a burglar will enter through the door of a property – which makes it one of the most vulnerable spots. So locks security can’t be an afterthought, but something which is high on your priority list as a homeowner.

It’s an aspect we aim to help you with, so we decided to share some information on the subject of lock snapping and how to protect your home against it.

What Is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping is a common tactic used by burglars to break into a home.

As the name suggests, the method involves snapping a particular type of lock cylinder in two by applying the right amount of force. Burglars typically use easy-to-find tools like screwdrivers, mole grips and hammers to snap the locks.

Doing so exposes the locking mechanism – allowing the door to be unlocked.

locks security

From that point on, it only takes a split second for the thief to get inside your home.

The whole process can last as little as a few seconds and requires no special skills, making lock snapping a preferred method among criminals.

It’s obvious this is a real threat, so what can you do to make sure you don’t become a victim?

Read on to find out more about the possible solutions which will help you increase your locks security.

The Best Way to Protect Your Home Against This Type of Attack

The door locks which are at the highest risk of being snapped are those which fit Euro Cylinder profiles. Also, if your locks extend beyond 3mm of the handle, your home could be in immediate peril, so you should have them replaced.

There are simple actions you can take today to safeguard your home against lock snapping.

The easiest and most effective thing you can do is invest in anti-snap locks. Why these work:

  • Special design. As opposed to that of a lock with a standard cylinder, the design of an anti-snap lock is that the front part of the lock has a “snap-off” section. What this means is that when a burglar will try to break it, it will just snap the front face of the lock off. The lock mechanism will be left barefaced, but the intruder won’t manage to get to the inner workings of the lock to temper it and gain access.
  • Hardened bar. Compared to traditional locks, these won’t snap when force is applied; they will merely flex.
  • Built-in grip defenders. This integrated feature makes it extremely difficult for burglars to grab and get hold of the cylinder.

Another aspect to keep in mind in regards to your locks security is all entry doors should be protected. This includes the front door, back door, garage door or any other doors that provide access to your home.

Furthermore, it’s best to work with professional locksmiths who have the right expertise. A poorly installed lock may turn out to have certain vulnerabilities and not offer you maximum protection.

locks security

Start Making Locks Security a Priority Today

Our professional locksmiths can fit anti-snap locks to your doors, so your family and assets are better protected against a possible lock-snapping attack.

Call us at 0800 0612 677 to get a free quote. No strings attached.

October Wrap-up: The National Home Security Month Takeaways

In the UK, the whole month of October is dedicated to home security.

Of course, the preoccupation for this topic is a constant one, but during this month, industry-related entities are trying to raise more awareness about it.

The Yale-sponsored initiative strives to address home security issues and has a dedicated blogging section where security tips are posted weekly. Other sites are trying to emulate this and share the same kind of awareness-raising content.

These efforts are necessary since it is reported that a quarter of Brits have no security measures in place.

Down below, you’re going to read about the main takeaways shared during October and hopefully, they’ll inspire you to take specific action on shielding your household from intruders.

Keep It Simple – and Safe

With all the noise around smart home tech, it’s sometimes easy to neglect security measures which have been around for quite a while. 

So if you have your eyes on some smart home security gadgets, make sure you also include traditional measures like:

  • double shielding entry doors with a night latch or mortice lock
  • upgrading the cylinder in case you have a PVCu or composite external door, as older cylinders are more exposed to lock-snapping
  • securing all windows with key-operated locks.

home security

Curated Smart Security Suggestions List

The National Home Security Month couldn’t have passed without British specialists picking a few smart security devices. This list of helpful devices will help you get an idea of what items you should invest in:

  • smart locks – keyless locks which let you control your door lock through an PIN-activated app on your phone. This way, you can access the lock remotely and even allow trusted persons to enter your home once you send them a one-time access code.
  • smart alarms – they allow you to rest assured you’ll be instantly notified in case any suspicious activity is recorded.
  • CCTV system – ensures remote viewing (i.e. watching over your home, while anywhere in the world) and lets you record activity outside your house to serve as evidence in case of a break-in.
  • automatic light switchers – even when you’re out on holiday, you get to set the way lights switch, thus letting the impression the house is actually inhabited.
  • digital door viewer – allows you to see who knocks at your door, thus reducing the possibility of your being a victim of burglars’ distraction tactics.

Clocks Go Back, Your Home Stays Safe

Normally, one wouldn’t think autumn daylight saving time could bring potential home security liabilities.

But burglars sure take advantage of extended night-time.

That said, here are a few aspects to pay attention to once daylight time starts decreasing:

  • It’s best if you don’t keep garden furniture and tools outside.
  • Having external lightning in place is a solid burglar deterrent.
  • Secure any gates or fencing.

home security

Halloween Season Home Security Tips

During Halloween time, lots of people roam around, so the likelihood you open the door to strangers increases.

The first thing you can do to prevent this from happening is having a ‘Do not disturb’ sign posted at your door. This way, you avoid opening the door too often and exposing the interior of your home.

Plus, avoid sharing your location on social media when going out during Halloween– you never know who could use this information to take advantage.

New Year’s Eve Resolution: Home Security

With all the above tips in mind, how about you assess them and consider a new home security strategy as a New Year’s resolution?

At Lockrite, we’re always here to support you with this decision and provide a suite of locksmith services that meet the highest British standard.