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KeyMe – The Digital Locksmiths

Here at LockRite we like to keep up to date with the newest in home security technology. This week we have caught wind of a New York based business ‘KeyMe’, which uses digital technology to allow its users to scan their house keys, store them in the cloud and then share and duplicate the keys when needed.

key me
KeyMe kiosks include a digital ’employee’ Larry the locksmith. There are currently five kiosks in operation.

KeyMe works as a delivery service or via one of their digital kiosks (currently only available in New York City), so depending on the urgency users can either order a copy by sending a scan of their key to the KeyMe team via the app, who will then duplicate the key and post it back, or go to one of their kiosks where a copy can be made in 30 seconds.

If ever you are locked out and need a new key, KeyMe can also help as it’s ability to scan and store key profiles means that you can either use the app to show a locksmith your key, which includes instructions from KeyMe for production, or you can again use a kiosk to access your ‘digital keychain’ and cut a new key instantly.

There have already been several voices of concern regarding the security of this service, asking how they can stop random people from stealing keys to duplicate, but KeyMe claim that they provide the highest level of security for their users. Firstly they state that they do not store any information which could be used to link your key with a location or lock – “we don’t know where you live and we don’t want to know”. Secondly, mobile registration of a key requires email verification, and kiosk registration requires a fingerprint. All transactions are verified with a credit card and confirmation emails, so that users are fully aware of any activity on their account. To avoid your keys being scanned by strangers, the app requires both sides of the keys to be scanned on a white background and from precisely 4” away.

So far KeyMe is a small company, with kiosks only in New York; nonetheless it offers yet another new approach to the locksmith trade and home security. Digital technology is encroaching on the locksmith trade from all sides (read our blog on digital door locks here)  so it will be interesting to see the effects it has in years to come.

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