Digital Door Locks – Are They The Future?

This week (1/9/14), at the IFA trade show in Berlin, Samsung will introduce a new digital door lock. The lock will be presented as part of a wider range of new technologies, all dedicated to increasing home security and energy efficiency. Samsung have said that these products will illustrate its commitment to the development of the ‘Smart Home’, where almost all operations such as turning off light switches, opening windows, and of course locking doors, can be done via a smart phone.

This latest development in digital door locks will adapt to ‘in-home location’, meaning that if a door is open while the home owner is out of the house, a notification will be sent to them via their smart phone. This will then allow them to view security cameras to assess whether the unlocking doors simply indicate a family member’s return, or whether a break in is occurring.

Similar digital locks are already on the market, including The Kwikset Kevo, which works by having an app on your smart phone, as well as a Bluetooth connection, to unlock your door. Additionally if your phone were to run out of battery Kwikset offer a Bluetooth key ring which can also be used.

The Kwikset Kevo can be opened by a simple touch as long as your Bluetooth device is within range.