5 Creative Hiding Places For Your Valuables

Burglary is a quick and precise crime, often with the intruder spending mere minutes inside a property. For a swift and productive break in, this means that many burglars will stick to a quick search of the typical hiding places: wardrobes, sock drawers etc. where most people hide their valuables.

This provides opportunity for some creativity as more and more inventive hiding places are being thought of in attempt to combat theft. Here LockRite will provide our 5 most creative ideas for secret hiding places for your valuables in your home.

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DIY CCTV – The Future of Crime Solving?

With recent inspections exposing UK police’s apparent reluctance to investigate high-frequency crime such as burglaries and car theft, it can be no coincidence that the market for DIY home surveillance is growing every day. People are looking for the next best methods or products to keep their homes safe, and today’s latest gadget is the Withings ‘Home’ security device.

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Will Apple make the Smart Home a reality?

In recent years, Apple and Samsung have both expressed their desire to become the leaders in Smart Home development. For most, the idea of your phone being able to control many aspects of your home may seem a long way from becoming a reality. Nonetheless, recent technological developments have demonstrated that the idea of a Smart Home may not be as far off as we think.

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Police “too busy” to investigate burglaries?

police stock photo

The police face new criticism today (4/9/14) as an inspection has disclosed that some forces make little or no effort to investigate high-frequency crimes including burglary, car crimes and criminal damage. Furthermore it was found that several victims of these crimes were encouraged by their local authorities to investigate the crimes themselves, including appealing for witnesses and checking CCTV.

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