Not Sure if You Have an Outdated Alarm System? Here Are 4 Signs to Look out for

outdated alarm system

Technology is ever-changing. The same goes for security. Have you ever wondered if you have an outdated alarm system? That could cause some serious problems.

The biggest issue is that an outdated system will not be able to provide enough security for your home. Burglars can disable old security systems with ease.

So how do you tell if you’ve got an obsolete security system? Here are four signs you should not ignore:

1. Outdated Alarm Systems That Use Land Lines and Hard Wired Sensors

Security systems use a communication method to reach out to the owner. Old ones use land lines. While the only communication method back in the days, they have been replaced now.

So it is important to fit your home with newer alarm systems. They are way harder to disable. That will prevent burglars from going inside your home without any fear of getting caught.

The same goes for sensors. The wired ones can be disabled with ease. This type of outdated alarm system leaves you and your home vulnerable.

Plus, did you know that every 45 seconds in the UK, there’s an attempted burglary? If your security isn’t good enough, you may find yourself in a bad situation.

Modern alarm systems use wireless methods of communication. They have many great features that keep you safe.

outdated alarm system

2. Low-Resolution Cameras

Did you ever try to see if you can recognise someone using your security cameras? If it’s an outdated alarm system, chances are you will not be able to do it.

That happens because old CCTV systems function at low resolutions.

Modern options, on the other hand, are more performant. Moreover, modern cameras have a dedicated night mode function. That enables you to see details even in the dark.

It is always a good idea to upgrade your security system. Modern cameras also allow you to check on your home using your smartphone or tablet. If the smart sensors are triggered, they will use the cameras to take a picture and send it to you immediately.

3. Outdated Software and Hardware

Technology evolves so fast that what was next-generation five years ago, is nowadays obsolete. That is relevant when talking about locks and alarms.

An outdated alarm system doesn’t allow you to control it remotely. It does not have access or sensors for the locks. That makes it extremely vulnerable, as mentioned before.

Big security software and hardware manufacturers continually release updates. These are meant to make the system more efficient and burglar-proof.

Smart locks are a great way to boost your home security. You can access them remotely, and you’ll no longer need a key.

They work even when the power is out. Plus, they cannot be jammed. They get constant updates and keep up with the latest trends in home security.

outdated alarm system

4. You Can Only Access It from Home

In 2016, we’re using our smartphones for more complex tasks than we could’ve imagined years ago. Home security is one of those tasks as well. But if you can’t do that, it means you have an outdated alarm system.

All the security systems described so far can communicate with each other. The sensors can tell the security cameras to snap a picture of what/who triggered them. The smart alarm system will notify you. And you can check your home even while on holidays.

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