How to Pick a Secure Security Alarm Code for Your Security System

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By combining 0 to 9 numbers for a four-digit security code, you’ll get 10,000 possible results.

What this means is that if burglars try to guess your home’s security system alarm code, their chance of success is 1 in 10,000. That’s great news for homeowners!

However, many people make the crucial mistake of not giving this aspect much thought. The result? A vulnerable alarm code for your security system. 

What does this mean and how can you avoid it? Easy! Read on to find out.

Avoid Using Common Security System Codes

The infamous “1234” is as common as a rainy day in Cardiff, Glasgow or Manchester. Why? Some people simply never bother changing it – as it often comes as the default alarm code. Other refuse to change it because they are afraid they’ll forget it.

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If “1234” is your code at the moment, we strongly recommend changing it.

However, that’s not the only code you should stay away from. Also avoid using your birth year, anniversary, or any other information that is available online.

You might also be tempted to pick the first or last four digits of:

  • Your National Insurance Number;
  • Your phone number.

While these types of code might be easy to remember, they are not as safe as you may think. Many people use this technique so burglars may have already thought about it.

Additionally, “0000” or “5555” aren’t safe either. Or any other succession of numbers that is easy to guess.

Put These Tips into Action

These tips will help you pick a secure alarm code for your security system:

  • Pick a code that is totally random. The less connection it has to any aspect of your life, the better. You can either think about a code yourself or use a website like this.
  • Change your security code regularly. Yes, it takes some effort, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Why would you do this? Press the same keypads over and over again, and you’ll see they’ll get worn out. You’re basically handing the code to the burglar.
  •  Set up different codes for each family member. The reason is mostly the same as the one mentioned above. Also, this will come in handy when you want to see who disarmed the system in a specific day.

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How to Further Burglar-Proof Your Security System

Now that you have a code with a 1 in 10,000 chance of being guessed, you may want to take it one step further. There are actions you can take that will enhance the security of your home even more.

Have you considered leveraging on technology and turning your house into a smart home?

This means upgrading your security system with smart components. These can be controlled from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone with an Internet connection.

Also, smart CCTV systems and smart locks are way harder to be tampered with. Some of them don’t even need a code because they are fitted with a fingerprint scanner.

For any additional home security information, you can get in touch with one of our experts. You can do so by using this online form or by calling us directly at 0800 0612 677.

How to Pick the Right Smart Lock for Your Home

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What makes getting a smart lock for your home a smart investment?

These types of locks offer important benefits you can make use of as a homeowner, benefits that will improve security and increase convenience:

  • You can lock or unlock your home from anywhere
  • You no longer need a key or worry that you may lose it
  • You can grant temporary access to guests or family members
  • A smart lock is way harder to break compared to regular locks
  • You can set the door to lock on a schedule
  • The lock can connect with your smart home system

There’s a right lock for every home. So if you’re interested in investing in this type of technology, read the following lines.

Choose the Right Smart Lock Wireless Connection

Some smart locks use Bluetooth as their wireless communication channel. However, this means that you’ll have to be near it to control it.

Other locks use standard Wi-Fi as a channel of communication. Most of these also offer Bluetooth, but they aren’t able to integrate with a smart home system.

yale smart lock

Another option is picking a smart lock that uses Z-wave protocol. Additionally, it offers you all the above-mentioned connections as well. It can also integrate perfectly with a smart home, which means:

  • Your door will automatically be locked when you arm your security system
  • You can lock or unlock your door using just one app (no more carrying keys)

Find out more about Yale’s Z-wave keyless  smart locks here.

The options mentioned above offer different levels of convenience. Ultimately, choosing the right lock relies heavily on the kind of functionality you want.

Consider the Type of Door You Have

The door is another aspect you need to consider before choosing the lock, more precisely the material it is made of.

Whether your door is made of PVCu, timber or composite, there’s a right lock for it. We’ve put together an easy guide meant to help you make an informed decision.

Pick the Alternate Control Mechanism You Prefer

Smart locks can be controlled through an application on your phone. However, each of them has an alternate mechanism for locking or unlocking. This can be:

  • Keypad: you set security codes for you and your family members.
  • A remote: a tiny device you simply need to punch to unlock the door (similar to your car’s clicker).
  • Fingerprint scanner: this ensures that only the fingerprints recognised by the system can unlock the door.

To pick the right one, you need to analyse you and your family’s particular needs. Do you or your kids oftentimes lose things? Then perhaps a fingerprint scanner may be more suitable than a remote. 

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To Wrap It Up

If you’re thinking about making the change to smart security systems by fitting your home with a smart lock, you’d be safer picking the best one available.

We recommend Yale’s not just for its great features, but also because you can add CCTV and alarms with motion detectors.

Doing so will increase your family’s security and comfort.

At LockRite, we take a keen interest in security and smart security devices. You can browse through the topics we’ve covered so far and let us know what else you might want to read about.

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4 Simple Security Tips That Scare Off Potential Burglars

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Around 59% of burglaries in the UK occur when homeowners are still in the property. With these figures it’s clear that home security is something which needs to be taken seriously.

Here are four things you can do to enhance the overall security aspect of your home:

1. Don’t Draw Attention to Your Possessions

You might be letting burglars know you’ve got valuable possessions inside your home – and not even know it!

How does that work? Well, think of this – do you keep your computer or TV near the front window?

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That’s not the best choice, as it can easily catch the attention of thieves. Did you know computers and electrical items such as digital cameras account for over 60% of items stolen during home burglaries?

Obviously, you should not draw too much attention to such possessions. It’s simply safer that way. Just move them to an area that’s not easy to see from the outside.

2. Reinforce Your Side Windows

Sometimes, burglars don’t care about being sneaky at all. In such situations, they’ll just look for the nearest side window and try to smash it to gain entry. 

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That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure windows – especially side windows hidden from public view – are protected by security grilles or bars.

You don’t even have to worry about ruining the aesthetic beauty of your home. That’s because there are numerous decorative grilles and bars available on the market.

3. Use Security System Signage

Out of all the security tips we’ve discussed, this one is definitely more unconventional. Why? It’s because even homeowners who don’t have security measures in place can use them.

Of course, we wouldn’t advise relying solely on them, but it’s a start until you find the security system you’ve been looking for.

Letting burglars know your home is protected can potentially help keep your valuables and loved ones safe.

This method is rather simple, and it won’t cost much or take up a lot of your time.

You can use various types of security signage:

  • Decals
  • Yard signs
  • Plaques

Just place them around the property and you’re done.

But like we said, they aren’t a foolproof method. They might deter a burglar or two, but they can only do so much.

So, why not take things further and invest in some smart security appliances to go along with the signage?

4. Opt for Smart Security – A Time-Tested and Reliable Option

All of the security tips we’ve offered so far can help you enhance the security of your home. However, it’s best not to rely solely on them for protection.

You need to go the extra mile to keep your home, family and valuables safe. In other words, you need top-of-the-line smart security systems.

Take smart locks, for instance. They can properly secure your doors – as in 72% of cases, burglars enter through the front door. 

Smart locks can be operated with:

  • A remote fob
  • A PIN code
  • A smartphone

security tips

This makes smart locks not only more reliable compared to traditional locks (as there is no key which may get stuck in the lock), but also more convenient.

Moreover, smart security has so much more to offer – like alarms and surveillance cameras, for instance.

Need More Security Tips?

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Drones May Be The Future Of Smart Home Security

smart home security

When we speak about smart home security, we envision an across-the-board solution that will act as a hermetic shield against burglars.

The good news is, developers and engineers are constantly working towards achieving this goal.

In this context, the use of drones when it comes to improving smart home security is an idea that could make room for exciting new possibilities.

Ready to learn more?

Smart Home Security Innovation with a Twist

Our family’s safety is worth more than anything.

This is why smart security is a top priority for home automation. So far, several innovations in the industry are being planned for the near future:

  • burglar alarms equipped with high-intensity lights to cause disorientation
  • automatic lights system to make a house look inhabited
  • smart sensors to detect attempts of fence climbing
  • smart devices to leave chemical marks on burglars for fast identification
  • drones chasing intruders while recording video

Many of the above are still prototypes. However, home security drones are scheduled to hit the international market next year.

The technology focuses on a major benefit – user privacy. With flying drones at your disposal, your home will get video surveillance on an as-needed basis.

If you’re curious how exactly drones could improve your home security in the close future, learn more about this pioneering product developed in the Sunflower Labs headquarters.

smart home security

What’s There to Know about the Sunflower Home Awareness System?

Just like a sunflower is photosensitive to sunlight, the Sunflower Home Awareness System is responsive to various sensors.

Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

You place the Smart Lights all around the patio and they’ll record any suspicious or unexpected motion.

Smart Lights have double functionality:

  • Provide solar-powered illumination for your property
  • Gather motion, sound, and vibration data

Once the sensors detect a presence that does not follow the usual patterns, they ‘summon’ the drone and send you notifications via an app.

You won’t get a dozen alerts a day – the app learns the routine activity flow around your household and only reports the atypical occurrences.

Nor will you need pilot skills, as the quadcopter device flies automatically to the spot that needs intervention.

The drone is placed in a weatherproof case that has a retractable door. Also, you can have it fly around for 15-20 minutes if needed.

The flying camera is regularly deployed only for a couple of minutes and also recharges automatically.

To top all that, the camera is suited for night surveillance. That’s thanks to its high-resolution infrared light.

What do you think a burglar will do once they see the drone buzzing above their head? It’s not hard to guess: they’ll leave your property to try and limit their exposure to the camera.

Instead of a Conclusion

Expected to hit the market next autumn, this new smart home security system will provide access to a 360º look of your property.

The best part is that you’ll be able to not only spot the action but also take action. Instantly.

Moreover, you can connect the Sunflower system to other smart home security devices to boost the functionality of your residence.

At LockRite, we strive to incorporate the best technologies as well to make life easier, and more secure.

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