Drones May Be The Future Of Smart Home Security

smart home security

When we speak about smart home security, we envision an across-the-board solution that will act as a hermetic shield against burglars.

The good news is, developers and engineers are constantly working towards achieving this goal.

In this context, the use of drones when it comes to improving smart home security is an idea that could make room for exciting new possibilities.

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Smart Home Security Innovation with a Twist

Our family’s safety is worth more than anything.

This is why smart security is a top priority for home automation. So far, several innovations in the industry are being planned for the near future:

  • burglar alarms equipped with high-intensity lights to cause disorientation
  • automatic lights system to make a house look inhabited
  • smart sensors to detect attempts of fence climbing
  • smart devices to leave chemical marks on burglars for fast identification
  • drones chasing intruders while recording video

Many of the above are still prototypes. However, home security drones are scheduled to hit the international market next year.

The technology focuses on a major benefit – user privacy. With flying drones at your disposal, your home will get video surveillance on an as-needed basis.

If you’re curious how exactly drones could improve your home security in the close future, learn more about this pioneering product developed in the Sunflower Labs headquarters.

smart home security

What’s There to Know about the Sunflower Home Awareness System?

Just like a sunflower is photosensitive to sunlight, the Sunflower Home Awareness System is responsive to various sensors.

Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

You place the Smart Lights all around the patio and they’ll record any suspicious or unexpected motion.

Smart Lights have double functionality:

  • Provide solar-powered illumination for your property
  • Gather motion, sound, and vibration data

Once the sensors detect a presence that does not follow the usual patterns, they ‘summon’ the drone and send you notifications via an app.

You won’t get a dozen alerts a day – the app learns the routine activity flow around your household and only reports the atypical occurrences.

Nor will you need pilot skills, as the quadcopter device flies automatically to the spot that needs intervention.

The drone is placed in a weatherproof case that has a retractable door. Also, you can have it fly around for 15-20 minutes if needed.

The flying camera is regularly deployed only for a couple of minutes and also recharges automatically.

To top all that, the camera is suited for night surveillance. That’s thanks to its high-resolution infrared light.

What do you think a burglar will do once they see the drone buzzing above their head? It’s not hard to guess: they’ll leave your property to try and limit their exposure to the camera.

Instead of a Conclusion

Expected to hit the market next autumn, this new smart home security system will provide access to a 360º look of your property.

The best part is that you’ll be able to not only spot the action but also take action. Instantly.

Moreover, you can connect the Sunflower system to other smart home security devices to boost the functionality of your residence.

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