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How to Pick the Right Smart Lock for Your Home

What makes getting a smart lock for your home a smart investment?

These types of locks offer important benefits you can make use of as a homeowner, benefits that will improve security and increase convenience:

  • You can lock or unlock your home from anywhere
  • You no longer need a key or worry that you may lose it
  • You can grant temporary access to guests or family members
  • A smart lock is way harder to break compared to regular locks
  • You can set the door to lock on a schedule
  • The lock can connect with your smart home system

There’s a right lock for every home. So if you’re interested in investing in this type of technology, read the following lines.

Choose the Right Smart Lock Wireless Connection

Some smart locks use Bluetooth as their wireless communication channel. However, this means that you’ll have to be near it to control it.

Other locks use standard Wi-Fi as a channel of communication. Most of these also offer Bluetooth, but they aren’t able to integrate with a smart home system.

yale smart lock

Another option is picking a smart lock that uses Z-wave protocol. Additionally, it offers you all the above-mentioned connections as well. It can also integrate perfectly with a smart home, which means:

  • Your door will automatically be locked when you arm your security system
  • You can lock or unlock your door using just one app (no more carrying keys)

Find out more about Yale’s Z-wave keyless  smart locks here.

The options mentioned above offer different levels of convenience. Ultimately, choosing the right lock relies heavily on the kind of functionality you want.

Consider the Type of Door You Have

The door is another aspect you need to consider before choosing the lock, more precisely the material it is made of.

Whether your door is made of PVCu, timber or composite, there’s a right lock for it. We’ve put together an easy guide meant to help you make an informed decision.

Pick the Alternate Control Mechanism You Prefer

Smart locks can be controlled through an application on your phone. However, each of them has an alternate mechanism for locking or unlocking. This can be:

  • Keypad: you set security codes for you and your family members.
  • A remote: a tiny device you simply need to punch to unlock the door (similar to your car’s clicker).
  • Fingerprint scanner: this ensures that only the fingerprints recognised by the system can unlock the door.

To pick the right one, you need to analyse you and your family’s particular needs. Do you or your kids oftentimes lose things? Then perhaps a fingerprint scanner may be more suitable than a remote. 

smart lock

To Wrap It Up

If you’re thinking about making the change to smart security systems by fitting your home with a smart lock, you’d be safer picking the best one available.

We recommend Yale’s not just for its great features, but also because you can add CCTV and alarms with motion detectors.

Doing so will increase your family’s security and comfort.

At LockRite, we take a keen interest in security and smart security devices. You can browse through the topics we’ve covered so far and let us know what else you might want to read about.

And if you’re determined to get a smart lock security system for your home, simply use this form to get in touch with us and ask any question you may have.

Don’t forget to follow @LockRite on social media for more useful information on keeping your home and family safe. 

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