Home Security Gift Ideas for a Smart Christmas

home security

Christmas gift shopping can turn out to be a real challenge – and for good reason. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide on a gift.

A safe route, however, is going for the practical kind of gift. Home security is a major concern for many homeowners. So why not add smart tech devices to your Christmas shopping list this year?

You won’t have to worry about this gift idea putting a dent in your budget. You can get smart home tech devices for as little as £15.

If that’s something you’re interested in, keep on reading.

1. Security Door Stop

home security

In 72% of cases, a burglar will enter through a door. So door stops would make for an excellent home security addition. 

A door stop is a rubber base that you place on the floor to block access. It goes well on almost any kind of floor or floor cover, such as:

  • wood
  • tile
  • vinyl
  • carpet

The door stop can be turned on and off, and it sports additional features:

  • 120-decibel alarm to alert your neighbours. This is very loud (125 decibels is enough to hurt your ears).
  • Low battery warning light.

Bonus idea: Since we’re talking about devices to secure doors, consider a Yale Keyfree Connected  Smartlock as well. Here are some of its features:

  • 3-minute lock-out if code is entered incorrectly 5 times
  • Tamper alarm and remote fob
  • Smartphone connectivity

2. Glass Window Film

Bright spaces are a plus in any home. But by letting blinds and curtains open, electronics and other goods can easily be seen from outside.

With a glass window film, you can enjoy living in a bright space without compromising security. The semi-opaque translucent glass doesn’t let meddlesome passers-by get a look inside.

Moreover, it can be applied without adhesive.

3. Indoor Motion Sensor

As a homeowner, it’s best to be prepared for the eventuality of burglars managing to break into your house.

Motion sensors can provide an additional layer of security, as they’re able to detect the slightest of movements. Then they activate other electronic devices, which can scare off the intruder.

Also, the sensor can be programmed to work during specific parts of the day, depending on a particular schedule.

4. Window Alarm

Let’s say you want to offer a gift to someone who is preoccupied with home security and already has a safety system in place. What might be one device they don’t already have? A window alarm that activates when the glass is shattered.

This particular device is activated by vibrations. What’s great about it is the slick design, making it easy to place on sliding doors, windows or RVs (recreational vehicles).

home security

5. WiFi Smart Socket for Increased Home Security

When people are away on holiday or at work, they should rest assured knowing their property and assets are secure.

A smart socket is a gift any homeowner will be happy to receive, as it:

  • Provides remote control over the device/appliance plugged into it.
  • Turns lights on and off to make a household look inhabited.
  • Allows users to control multiple electronics around the house.

We hope these smart home security gift ideas have made you more excited about shopping for Christmas gifts this year.

Take inspiration from this article and impress your loved ones with smart presents that show you care.

Don’t forget to share these ideas on social media and maybe help others out. Also, keep an eye on the Lockrite blog for more home safety-related articles.