Home Safety Tricks that Will Take Any Burglars by Surprise

home safety

There are a lot of valuable insights regarding home safety you should know about. For instance, 59% of all burglaries in the UK happen while the owner is in the house.

There are multiple reasons why this happens. But your takeaway from this data is that you should be preoccupied with home safety even when you’re not away on a holiday.

Here’s what you need to do:

Get Burglar Alarms

That is the first thing you should do. Why? It can keep burglars away.

Some people choose dummy alarms. For them, it provides a – false – sense and appearance of security.

home safety

Dummy surveillance cameras or fake alarm system decals are a way to keep burglars away. That’s because it makes it look like there is a high chance they will get caught.

Still, while dummy alarms are cost-efficient, they aren’t very reliable. 

Here’s a better idea instead.

Invest in Smart Security Systems for Extra Home Safety

Dummy security systems are a cheap way to maintain the illusion of home security. However, they don’t actually provide any safety.

If a burglar realizes it’s all fake, you’re in danger. Nothing is stopping them from getting inside your home. Well, there’s a better solution.

Smart security systems include locks, sensors, alarms, and cameras. They can all communicate with each other. You can also access them remotely, while on holiday, for example.

If a burglar tampers with one of them, they will alert the owner immediately. That will take the thieves by surprise, and there is a high chance they will bail.

Install Anti-Snap Locks

Lock snapping is a technique burglars use to get inside your home. Some types of lock cylinders are easy to tamper with. Actually, an experienced thief can get inside your house in under a minute.

Anti-snap locks are far more durable and hard to destroy. No burglar expects to struggle more than a moment with your locks. If you’re interested in this, or you want to know further details, feel free to contact us.

Prevention Helps More than You’d Think

Prevention is the best “offence” against burglars. That is something you have to take care of, though. What we can help with, however, is giving you some helpful tips:

  • Hide your jewellery
  • Make sure you don’t have a mirror reflecting your home alarm
  • Don’t leave a ladder in your backyard
  • Keep your lawn clean and trimmed
  • Remove flyers from your doorstep

Jewellery attract burglars like a magnet. It’s a sign that they can find valuable goods inside your home.

Here’s another thing to consider: Keep everything clean and in top shape. That is a sign that people are living there. Otherwise, your home might seem abandoned.

home safety

If You Live in a Bad Neighbourhood

If homes in your neighbourhood are often targeted by burglars, go the extra mile:

  • Reinforce your door jams if you have weak door frames
  • Invest in toughened glass windows
  • Find a secret hiding place for your jewellery

These are the most straightforward measures you should take to boost your home safety. In the end, it’s not about the goods – it’s about your family’s safety.

We are a professional team of expert locksmiths. Working with us gets you access to the latest technology in home security. We also provide burglary repairs.

For more information about how we can make your home safer, get in touch with us.