Are You Vulnerable to Home Theft? Here’s What to Look out for

home theft

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It’s an adage which can be applied to home security, as well. That’s because, to ensure the best protection against home theft, you have to look at your house as a system with potentially unguarded points.

However, it’s not always easy to know where to start.

To help you out, we want to show you what to look for to efficiently assess your home’s vulnerability and take action if needed.

Start with Your Home’s Doors

This is the best place to begin, given the fact in 72% of all cases, a burglar will use the front door to enter a home.

Here are a few signs which could indicate a vulnerability when it comes to your door’s security:

  • The doors are not equipped with British Standard Approved locks. The easiest way to check if your locks have been certified by the British Standard Institute for complying with the required security standards is to see if British Standard Kite Mark is engraved on the lock.
  • Key locks which fit the Euro Cylinder profile. These are at high risk of lock snapping, a criminal practice which has become more common over recent years.  You can learn more about the risks, as well as the benefits of investing in anti-snap locks here.
  • Your doors don’t have door viewers and door chains, which means you have less control over access to your home. That’s because you have no way of knowing who is on the other side of the door until you open it. If you’re looking for a more high-tech surveillance solution to solve the same problem, consider Yale’s smart HD CCTV range, as well.

These are all issues our professional locksmiths can help you address, so call us on 0800 0612 677 to get a free, no-obligation quote and learn more about the array of solutions we provide.

home theft

Continue with the Windows

Look for these signs which indicate your windows are not being correctly secured, thus exposing your property to home theft:

  • Small window latches.  These can easily be broken using sheer force. If you think your windows have this vulnerability, consider reinforcing them with sliding bolt locks on the bottom.
  • Leaving your blinds open, making it easy for everyone to see inside. It’s essential to use curtains and keep valuables out of sight – especially on the first level of your home.
  • Forgetting to close your windows when you’re not home. Even people who are diligent about locking their doors sometimes forget to secure their windows when stepping out. Do your best to prevent this and also have family meetings where you discuss the importance of locking the doors with your loved ones.

Don’t Forget About the Outside Garden Area and Surroundings

Ungroomed bushes, for instance, can give burglars the impression no one is home, which makes a property more susceptible to being targeted by burglars.

Another aspect which often gets overlooked by homeowners is shed security.  Your shed might hold the tools needed to help burglar force their way into your home. Be mindful of this and keep your shed locked at all times.

home theft

The location of your house could also be an indicator of how vulnerable it is to home theft. You can use this resource on our site to check recent crime statistics for your local area and find out how safe your neighbourhood is.

Also, if your property backs up to a forest, open lot or other unguarded areas, we recommended having security cameras with infrared LED night vision installed, as well as burglar alarms.

This way, you can keep an eye on what’s going on your property 24/7 and gain peace of mind knowing your home has an added layer of security.

Employ These Tips to Reduce the Chances of Home Theft

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