Home Security Health Check for the Winter Months


The weather gets colder and the days get shorter. Because it gets darker faster, burglars will take advantage of this and target more homes than usual.

Whether you’ll spend most of your time away from home in these next few months or not, you should make a habit out of doing a home security health check every winter.

In this article, we’ll tell you the main aspects you need to pay attention to when it comes to home’s safety and security.

Home Security Checklist for the Winter Months

1. Security survey

A professional locksmith can help you determine if your property and home are secure.

For example, our security survey will check if your locks are covered by insurance and we will also give you advice on how you can make your property less attractive to potential intruders.

Our experienced locksmiths will check if:

  • The locks on your door meet the British Standard requirements
  • Your windows are secured correctly, especially those which are on the ground floor or within easy reach.


2. Lighting

Because days are getting shorter, you need to make sure your indoor and outdoor lights are working properly.

Having the lights on will let potential burglars know someone is at home. However, you don’t need to leave them on all the time because it will raise suspicions.

Instead, use a timer for the lights so they can switch on automatically in the evenings even when you’re not at home or you’re away on holiday.

3. Windows

home security

If you really think about, it’s not enough to just take a quick glance around the house before you leave.

You have to properly check each one to make sure they’re locked.

To reinforce the windows security, we recommend installing window locks or alarms. The more visible from the outside the locks are, the better because they are highly effective at deterring burglars.

4. Front door

One of the methods burglars use to find out if someone’s at home is ringing the doorbell. Because it gets darker much faster, they will take advantage of this and make sure they won’t be seen by the neighbours.

To discourage potential intruders from approaching your home, you can use either a sensor for the outdoor lights or you can buy a smart home system which has a doorbell camera, as well.

That way, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door before you open it or if there were any strangers lurking around while you were gone.

5. Neighbourhood watch

It may seem like a cliché and an old-fashioned way to make sure your home security is intact, but it can be extremely effective, especially if you’ll be gone for a while.

Talk to several neighbours and ask them to check your house a few times per day to see if everything looks good. Don’t forget to return the favour when they’ll be away, as well.

Is Your Home Ready for the Colder Months?

Nowadays, we live in a time where we need to combine multiple tactics so our home security is top-notch and we can leave on holiday not stressing about it.

If you want to upgrade your home in terms of safety and security, by installing an alarm system or a CCTV, you can contact us at 0800 0612 677 to find out more about our offer.