Top Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

keyless door locks

The technology that made keyless door locks possible has been around for a while now.

More specifically, since remote keyless systems have been implemented by carmakers, allowing car owners to conveniently open and shut their cars’ doors from afar.

A keyless entry system replaces the mechanical key with remote control based on radio waves communicating with a receiver unit. This technology has been refined for a few years now, so it presents a high degree of reliability, with advantages that can’t be overlooked.

This article is all about these benefits, so let’s see in what ways could keyless home access improve your home security.

Stress-Free from Physical Keys

keyless door locks

Entering a building using a physical key is what we’ve been accustomed to. As habitual as this is, it also implies a certain degree of stress: keep your key in a secure place, don’t lose your key, find ways of giving the key to someone else – these are some of the concerns that come with owning a physical key.

With keyless locks, however, there’s no need for such worries.

You’ll just have to make sure you either have a functional phone with the smart lock app installed or keep in mind the unique code that activates the lock.

No Spare Key(s) to Worry about

Quite a lot of homeowners have made a habit out of leaving a spare key somewhere on their property. Their rationale is that you never know when you’ll need one, so better make sure you have a backup plan.

Keyless door locks eliminate the need for such a security measure and the danger that some intruder might discover the location of that spare key.

Once you install keyless access to your door, spare keys will stop being a subject you’ll worry about.

Easily Grant Access to Others

A lot of times, you’ll need authorised persons (like pet walkers, housekeeping personnel, or trusted acquaintances) to enter your home.

So, you have to arrange your schedule to make sure they get the key while you are not at home. And, sometimes, these kinds of arrangements can be tricky.

Not if you have a keyless access system at your door, though. Keyless locks enable you to send unique access codes to anyone you authorise into your home. A time-saving and stress-free process, we’d say.

keyless door locks


The costs of re-keying physical locks may not seem relevant, but they add up over time – especially when it comes to multi-family homes or office buildings.

In turn, keyless locks imply minimal and less expensive maintenance services.

Another cost-effective aspect of no-cylinder locks is that they don’t always require door frame modifications; in some cases, they can just be applied to the door. What’s more, they can also be easier to maintain, install, replace and integrate.

Keyless Door Locks – Are You Ready to Welcome One into Your Life?

If you can’t really bring yourself to believe in the keyless technology because you’re used to the key-based one, we’ve got good news for you.

Top locksmith service providers like Lockrite are fully prepared to offer assistance with keyless door locks technology, so you’re still benefiting from the support of specialists who can intervene at any given moment.

For more details on how this could work out for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.