Winter Home Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

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Winter’s longer nights could mean an increase in break-ins to homes. It’s a compelling reason to revise your home security, as it is better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, most break-ins happen in the evening, not in the middle of the night, as many tend to believe.

Luckily, there are a few safety measures you can apply right away to keep your family safe this winter. Keep reading to find out more.

#1 Revise Your Locks

home security

Your front door locks should work perfectly, as they are the most important home security element. However, most common locks can’t hold their ground for very long when being forcefully tampered with by a burglar.

To increase the safety of your home and family, you could upgrade the locks to a more burglar-proof model – and fitting dead bolts. A good idea is fitting your front door with a deadlock (or mortise).

If you wish to take it one step further, you can opt for smart locks. They are superior thanks to their design and safety features. For example, you will no longer need a physical key to unlock your front door, but a code or your smartphone.

#2 Home Security Lights Put Off Burglars

Many thieves use the cover of the darkness to go unnoticed. It’s one of the reasons why the number of break-ins increase when winter comes and days are shorter.

However, using security lights could increase home safety by discouraging burglars. The most efficient ones are motion-activated. For this, you’ll need to install sensors that will trigger the light when activity is detected. Additionally, they’re not that expensive and they do a good job at scaring thieves.

#3 Make Your Home Seem Occupied While You’re Away

Most burglars target empty homes. Naturally, they look for signs of inhabitancy before breaking in. It is why making your home seem occupied while you’re away is a viable idea.

The best way to make your home look occupied is using lights fitted with timers. You can program them to turn on or off at specific times so that from the outside it seems like your family is home.

Another important home security tip, while you’re on winter holidays, is in regard to social media. When you’re having a great time, you tend to post pictures with your family. Some advise against this, as burglars have developed an eye for these posts and could break-in into your home.

#4 Hide Valuable Goods

Leaving your valuable goods – like jewellery, laptops, electronics – visible from outside could be considered an invitation for a burglar. Hiding them can increase your home’s safety, and you should consider installing net curtains or blinds to obscure the view of your home from outside.

If the burglar doesn’t see anything of value worth the risk of breaking into your home, he may go away.

home security

#5 Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

This is a tip for home security for tech-savvy homeowners. A smart home is not a must, but it can keep your family and your valuable goods safer.

A smart home uses multiple types of technologies – sensors, CCTV, alarms – to keep burglars at bay. You have a better overall control of everything, even when you’re away bu using an app on your smart phone which keeps you connected to the activity in and around your home.

To learn more about how you can increase the safety of your home, feel free to get in touch with us. LockRite is a team of professional and dedicated locksmiths with a keen eye for smart home technologies.