Then And Now: How Technology Changed Home Security

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The latest technological innovations have changed home security for the better. It is easier to monitor everything and smart devices make our lives more comfortable, but things were much different back in the day.

Safety is a basic human need defined in Maslow’s pyramid of needs. People have tried to achieve this for their homes ever since the early stages of civilization. However, technological advancements such as electricity and wired communication, brought forth new opportunities for home security.

In the following lines, we’ll take a trip through history to see how technology has changed the way we protect our homes.

The First Security Alarm Systems for Homes

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion into a private space. They were adopted by domestic users sometime between the two World Wars, when crimes and home invasions were at an all-time high.

The first home security alarms were using electromagnetic contacts for doors and windows. These rudimentary sensors were attached to a battery and bell that would signal any disturbance.

Photography of Black Hanging Bells during Daytime

The principle is roughly the same nowadays, but security alarm’s capabilities have greatly improved. Smart homes are fitted with motion sensors connected to advanced central units. Through these units, homeowners can arm or disarm their security alarms by using their smartphones.

Video Surveillance for Homes

CCTV was invented by a German engineer in 1942. It was installed by Siemens for observing the launch of V-2 rockets in Germany. Of course, there was no capability of recording, which means CCTV was not as popular, or useful, as it is today.

As years past, technology evolved. In 1970, the VCR changed the way we know home security and surveillance. However, not many homeowners could afford such a system. Humanity needed another couple of decades for video surveillance to get cheaper and more reliable.

In the present, CCTV has reached new levels of development. Cameras are small and can even be hidden. Their recording quality has greatly improved as well, while storing security footage has never been easier. Smart home owners can even check a live feed of their home while on vacation.

How Smart Locks Have Improved Home Security

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The first lock and key device dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. The Egyptians continued on the same idea, using wood. However, the first metal lock appeared sometime between 870 and 900. It is attributed to English craftsmen.

Modern locks needed another millennium to be created. They were the work of Joseph Bramah, Alfred Charles Hobbs, Linus Yale Sr. and Linus Yale Jr. These locks work by using pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key.

But technology changed even the basic lock. It improved it and made it much safer and easier to use.

Current smart locks can connect to the Internet which enables the user to control them remotely through a smartphone app. They don’t require a key anymore and can be integrated with sensors and CCTV into a complete smart home security ecosystem.

Wrapping Things Up

Humanity has come a long way regarding home safety and the need to protect private property. Everything comes much easier nowadays and it’s all thanks to the brilliant minds of dedicated people.

At LockRite, we like to believe that home security has evolved for the best. We’re a team of dedicated locksmiths and home safety experts with a keen interest in smart home technologies.

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