The Coolest Smart Home Gadgets Showcased At CES 2017

smart home

Every year, the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas offers a glimpse into the future by bringing together the latest in global consumer electronics and technology.

The 2017 edition that took place at the beginning of January showed that smart home devices are going to enter every facet of our houses.

From devices meant to reduce food waste to gadgets that influence the quality of our sleep, they can all help you raise your home’s IQ. And make your life easier.

Here are some of the highlights showcased at this year’s CES edition:

A Fridge Accessory that Can Suggest Recipes and Reduce Food Waste

Figuring out what’s for dinner it’s an old-age quandary.

The FridgeCam – a camera devised to sit in the fridge – is meant to help homeowners with this problem.

smart home

Using custom food-recognition software, the FridgeCam makes your old refrigerator a lot smarter. It does so by keeping track of the food you have in it.

Based on this information, it can dish up ideas about what to cook. In addition, it notifies you when food is getting close to expiring to reduce food waste.

The FridgeCam can also help you shop smarter, as you can take a look inside your fridge from anywhere via an app.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. Whenever you want to put something in your fridge, you have to scan the food’s barcode on the FridgeCam’s app which uses WiFi to connect.

You’ll have to introduce fruits, vegetable and other foods that don’t have a barcode manually.

Smart LED Lights that Adjust Colour Based on the Time of Day

Soraa generally makes lighting solutions for corporate clients. However, the company is now also targeting the consumer market with Helia -a new line of bulbs that promise to mirror the feel of natural sunlight.

Using HomePlug Green PHY technology, these smart bulbs rely on sensors and can communicate with each another over a home’s existing electrical wiring.

Once you set them up via an app, the bulbs will automatically start modifying the type of colour they emit throughout the day. The purpose is to make the light easier on your eyes.

smart home

Also, these smart lights are set to address the issue of blue light, which is thought to be disruptive when it comes to our sleep patterns. By filtering out blue light, Helia bulbs are expected to help consumers get a better night’s rest.

A Smart Home Robot with a Friendly Face

Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, LG’s Hub robot is supposed to help homeowners do their chores faster.

This high-tech personal assistant includes Amazon’s Echo technology which it can employ to control your appliances.

Here are some of its other notable features you should know:

  • It connects to other smart home devices, so you can tell it to preheat the oven or start the washing machine.
  • Touch- screen face that can learn each family member’s face so that it can greet everyone in a different way.
  • It can tell the weather and play music.
  • Voice-activated.

LG hasn’t yet announced an official release date for the Hub robot, so it might be a couple of years until it comes to market.

A Smart LockBox that Works Offline

Improved security, a top concern for owners, was also one of the major themes at  CES 2017. One of the smart solutions that stood out was Igloohome’s smart keybox.

Designed for short-term rental hosts and homeowners, the device is meant to increase convenience and safety. By using it, owners can provide remote access to guests or visitors without having to be at the premises. 

Owners can create a PIN code, which is sent over to their guests. The PIN code is then used to unlock the keybox.  The PIN code will expire after a set amount of time to prevent unwanted access to the property.

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