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Will Apple make the Smart Home a reality?

In recent years, Apple and Samsung have both expressed their desire to become the leaders in Smart Home development. For most, the idea of your phone being able to control many aspects of your home may seem a long way from becoming a reality. Nonetheless, recent technological developments have demonstrated that the idea of a Smart Home may not be as far off as we think.

Apple plan to launce the HomeKit app this autumn (2014)

This summer Apple have proven that by announcing their plans to launch new HomeKit software, which will give its users the ability to manage their home devices such as light switches, blinds, and of course, door locking mechanisms via their iPhone. Apple plan to distribute the new software along side the introduction of the IOS 8 software due to be released autumn 2014.

Apple is cooperating with a large number of developers to help integrate all kinds of Smart Home technology into a single app. This includes giving these developers access to the Siri feature on iPhones, which will allow users to manage their home via voice control.

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, also used an example of how several actions can be grouped together: by saying something as simple as “get ready for bed” to Siri, a sequence of actions such as turning off lights, locking doors and closing blinds could be set in to motion.

How these major technological developments will impact the locksmith industry it remains to be seen, however as previously discussed, it may be several years before the use of a back up ‘traditional’ key is eliminated. As locking technologies develop, so will methods of theft, and as hacking remains an extremely prevalent threat, it may be several years before home owners feel secure enough to fully commit to their Smart Home.

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