Top Reasons Why Homeowners Need to Invest in an Alarm System

alarm system

As a homeowner, whether you’re spending time with your family at home or away on a holiday, the security of your residence remains a top concern.

If you’re the type of person who likes to take all precautions to fully protect their home, then you should consider buying an alarm system.

Here are the top reasons why it’s worth the investment.

1. Creates Piece of Mind

The best thing about getting a home alarm security system is the fact your home will be protected 24/7, which will make you more relaxed, especially when going on longer trips.

You won’t be counting only on your neighbours to watch your house while you’re gone.

At the same time, most of today’s alarm systems are connected to smartphones through their dedicated applications.

For example, the EasyFit SmartPhone Alarm from Yale will send you an email and a push notification (iOS only) if the system detects motion in your home.

alarm system

Moreover, when the PIR (passive infrared) sensors will detect movement in the rooms they are installed in, the PIR camera will take a photo of the room from that moment and send it to your phone.

A PIR sensor is an electronic sensor which measures the infrared radiation emitted by someone.

All of this means you’ll know right away if someone breached the security of your home so you can take immediate action.

2. Ward off Intruders

An extensive study showed the majority of intruders are first trying to determine if a house has an alarm system before they decide to break in.

Simply put, if your home doesn’t have a security system, it’s up to three times more likely to be broken into then a home which does have such a system.

It’s important you use a yard sign or a window sticker to alert potential intruders about the fact you have an alarm system. The signs should be visible from the street preferably, not just from the front door.

3. Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

The cost of your home insurance will vary based on the coverage you choose, location, insurance company, the age of the home, insurance score and other factors.

Every policy is designed to cover losses or damages which may occur due to several types of events.

By installing an alarm system, you maximize the security of your home, which makes it less likely for someone to break into. As a result, there are smaller chances the insurance company will have to cover any losses which occur due to a burglary.

This means you will represent less of a risk to your insurer. Many insurance companies are willing to give discounts to homeowners who installed security systems, so we recommend contacting your insurer to find out how much you can save.

Improve Your Home Security with an Alarm System

You can’t put a price on your home and family’s safety, which is why investing in a high-quality alarm system is the best decision you can make to upgrade your home’s security.

If you need help figuring out which system would be fitted for your home, you can give us a call at 0800 0612 677 to ask more details and receive a free, no-obligation quote.