Is It Time to Get Keyless Door Locks? Here’s What to Know Before Deciding

keyless door lock

Keyless door locks are far from being a new topic of discussion and yet their adoption is not as widespread as one may imagine.

A possible explanation would be the fact a lot of homeowners are not ready to embrace the idea of keyless property access, despite presenting benefits like:

  • convenience (there’s no additional object one has to carry)
  • more control over individual access (the owner decides how and to whom they grant access, without the need for physical keys).

In fact, smart locks can also work alongside other locking mechanisms like deadbolts, cylindrical latches, deadlatches or mortises.

If you want to gain a better understanding of how a smart lock would benefit your home, here are a few key points to take into account before you start informing your purchase decision.

Keyless Door Locks Are About More than Security

A secured home means more than a good lock on your access doors. It also implies that one takes care of other aspects like window security, front/back garden security, CCTV cameras or alarm system.

keyless door locks

So while getting keyless door locks will not solve all potential home security threats, they’ll rather add up to your overall comfort level (for instance, smart locks which come with their own app will allow you to grant access to trusted persons while being away for a longer time – you’ll just send them a one-time access code generated by the correspondent app managing the smart lock).

This ultimately means the prices of keyless locks may seem a bit high if compared to those of regular locking systems. After all, they come with more functionalities.

Keyless Door Locks Are Part of a Connectivity Hub

Before you start looking for keyless door locks references, it’s also advised you are well aware of the bigger picture.

A picture which involves the notion of the Internet of Things (IoT) which accounts for the tendency to develop appliances that are interconnected via a single command centre (i.e. a smartphone).

Smart homes are a perfect example of how IoT works: regardless of the distance from your home, you can control via an app every device connected to your home network. Adjust the temperature inside the fridge or inside a particular room, set up automated lights powered by smart light bulbs, have a look at the CCTV cameras activity or unlock doors automatically upon arriving home.

All these turn your home into an entire connectivity hub.

keyless door locks

So when you decide upon getting a keyless door locks system, you may want to consider the integration of several other IoT appliances.

This is actually an exciting prospect, due to how cost-effective this integration of functions seems to become.

Home Security Is About to Strengthen up

So, is it time for you to purchase a keyless lock?

If you’re ready to incorporate into your lifestyle all the aspects mentioned above and you want to turn your property into a smart home, chances are you can start your quest for the best-fitted keyless door locks.

And if you wish to do everything properly, you can ask for assistance from a locksmith company (all of them usually offer smart lock services and maintenance). At Lockrite, our locksmiths are always ready to step in if you ask for their services at 0800 0612 677 or 07801 733 788.