Odd Jobs #3

It’s time for another Odd Jobs – and once again our locksmiths fail to disappoint!

Our Leicester locksmith attended a property in Derbyshire, where he simply had to access a storage unit that the owner had lost the keys to. However, there was a potential hazard: a nest of bees.

The reason for the request is that environmental health needed to access the unit in order to deal with the bees. Our locksmith was greeted by a few of the insects when he arrived prior to undertaking the job.

The storage unit had a sheet metal outer door, secured with a padlock. Our locksmith unlocked it and gingerly opened the door, steeling himself for many angry bees. He was slightly disappointed when it turned out the bees had nested in the roof lining2 from the outside of the building.

Our Nottingham locksmith once again had some memorable jobs to deal with. One was where he had to board up the entire front entrance to a property, because of a burglary. The intruder had not just damaged the door panel out, with only the frame left in place.

He had another job to do at a store in Hyson Green, where a window – fifteen feet from the ground – had been damaged.

The issue w3as temporarily solved by placing security film on the damaged glass. This prevents the glass from shattering.

Our Rochdale locksmith attended a job where he was asked to change the lock. However, it turned out that, clearly, a whole new handle set was needed!



It was essential that the handle set was replaced. This is not just because of usefulness, but for security and insurance purposes. As the handle was, it left the cylinder accessible. This means that it could be snapped and, as such, allow a criminal to the locking mechanism.

The handle set was, as such, replaced, which meant that the cylinder was once again encased in an anti-snap escutcheon.

That’s all of our Odd Jobs for this week! Keep an eye on the blog for more to come.