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Odd Jobs #2

This week we have a few interesting stories to share with you. Audacious burglaries, destructive accidents and some shocking workmanship have all left work for our locksmiths.

Our Nottingham locksmith once again has a couple of stories to share. The first is of a job he was called to where a UPVC door had a massive break thanks to a kick. However, the criminal had left some solid evidence for scene of crime officers in the form of a large footprint!alistairmcnae2

Alistair boarded up the door for the customer. This meant there was a board on the outside and two batons on the inside –securing the door until its inevitable replacement.

The risk of having your door kicked open is probably a rare one. Your best way to defend against it is by looking at your home through a burglar’s eyes, and making it so that you wouldn’t choose it if you were a burglar. You want it to look defended and occupied.


There was also an interesting boarding up job, where the locksmith had to board up a hole at the top of the wall. The missing bricks, however, were not the result of a particularly devious burglar – they were instead the result of a car that, through an accident, hurtled into the wall.

There’s not a lot that you can, or would want to do, to defend against a random incident such as car hurtling into your business! However, it’s important that your property is secured against criminals. Options you might want to consider are the likes of master key systems, access control and CCTV – alongside our other tips.

Our Rochdale locksmith had to follow up a couple of jobs undertaken by  locksmiths. One that our locksmith faced was being called out to deal with a failed lock. This lock, however, had failed after only being installed the night before.


The lock had a couple of key issues. It had been shoddily fitted, for one – which is visually evident. It also was not British Standard which, for many insurers, is a requirement.

Similarly, he went to attend another job where a locksmith had previously done work. The locksmith hadn’t actually picked the lock, but had carved deeply into the door around it and covered his damage with an escutcheon.


It’s important that you use a reputable locksmith in order to defend yourself against poor workmanship. You can have a read of some of the things that our customers have said about us on our reviews page.

When choosing a locksmith, remember the words of Red Adaire: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Keep an eye on our blog for a variety of posts about locksmithing and security. In fact, why not  use our RSS feed to keep up to date? And, as always, feel free to leave a comment below!

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