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4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Safe in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take a well-deserved break and relax. The problem is that burglars don’t take holidays. 

On the contrary, with so many empty houses, they are more active than ever. You need to keep your home safe in the summer, so we’ve come up with four tips for you:

1. Get Smart Locks, Sensors, and Alarms

Old-fashioned locks don’t really cut it anymore. Plenty of robbers know how to pick a lock. They see it more as an inconvenience than anything else.

A smart lock will keep your home safe in the summer. It doesn’t have a keyhole so burglars can’t pick it. Rather, it needs a keypad code or a wireless signal that only you can generate. When someone tries to enter, you get a notification.keep your home safe in the summer

There are sensors as well. After all, a thief could opt to go in through a window. The moment they break it, the sensor catches the commotion. Again, you are notified immediately.

Then, the smart alarm comes into play. When it goes off, the noise will attract onlookers and neighbours. At that moment, the burglar will most likely drop everything and run for it.

These devices will be your main line of defence. It the minimum required to keep your home safe in the summer.

2. Use Lights to Keep Your Home Safe in the Summer

Thieves go for houses with nobody in them. If they think that you’re inside, they’ll just give up. You need a way to trick them into thinking you’re home. You do that by leaving a light on.

The problem with this idea in the past is that keeping a light on for a long time was costly. Smart technology eliminates that problem with programmable lights.Digital graphic of a light bulb against thumbs up gesture

That means that you can leave the house, and the light will automatically switch on at night. You can choose which rooms have light and at which hours. Burglars won’t suspect a thing.

Light switches are not only great as a thief deterrent. They’re useful to have in most situations.

3. Always Keep an Eye on the House

Before you get the wrong idea, we’re not saying that you should stay at home. The wonders of technology have made it possible to watch your house no matter where you are.

What you need are a few smart CCTV cameras. They are a big part of any smart security system. These cameras can send a live feed right to your phone. If something is amiss, you’ll notice it immediately.

Even if you’re not paying attention, the cameras will record any would-be burglar. It will be much easier to identify and catch them.

4. Look at Your Home through the Eyes of a Burglar

A homeowner shouldn’t rely solely on smart technology. They should use their own wit as well. Try to think like a robber and see if there’s any weakness in your security system.1680885

To make things simpler for you, we’ve come up with a few questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Does my garden obstruct people’s view of the house? If it does, burglars will have an easier time sneaking around.
  • Does my yard or home exterior look unkempt? That is a sign that the owners aren’t home.
  • Is there a key hidden somewhere near the entrance? As convenient as it may be, thieves will also search for them. It’s unsafe to leave one lying around.

If you can get in the head of a robber, you’ll know how to keep your home safe in the summer. Just use your imagination and see what you can improve.

The Key Takeaway

The safest house is always the one with a good security system and a cautious homeowner. Stay sharp and smart technology will do the rest for you.

Now that you know how to keep your home safe, share this article with your friends too. If you’ve got any question, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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