What Trends Should You Expect from the Smart Door Locks Industry?

smart door locks

Smart door locks are likely to get more and more visible on the mass market and users will be offered more affordable options than ever.

Besides locks, there are lots of other smart security product popping up in stores’ offers. So, before getting one of them, you might want to know the real value they bring to the future of your home security.

After all, the more you can envision and assess what they imply, the better you’ll see the overall picture and make important decisions accordingly.

In this article, we’re trying to shed a little bit of light on the whole picture the future of smart locks beholds.

Keyfree Smart Door Locks

It’s quite likely that you’ve experienced the scare of having forgotten your keys somewhere – at least once in your life.

The thing with keys is that they’re an additional object you have to carry. It becomes second nature to such a degree that it’s easy to not pay enough attention to them.

With smart door locks, however, we’ll soon need no extra physical object to worry for. Access to our homes will likely be ensured by apps on our phones, so that we’ll be able to complete operations like:

  • unlocking doors from within a set distance when you’re nearby;
  • texting authorized individuals (friends, neighbours, relatives, delivery personnel) a one-time digital key to unlock your door when you’re away and cannot reach in time;
  • use a sensor which signals whether the door has been left unlocked.

Considerable efforts are being put into securing these actions so that they’ll become a trusted practice among the general public. Once cybersecurity measures are tested enough, it will be easier for keyfree smart door locks providers to offer you a better and accessible experience.

The tendency is to combine app-controlled keys with classic door access.

smart door locks

Sleek Design Doubled by High Functionality

As demand will be significantly increasing, so will accessibility to smart devices. That means smart door lock buyers will have a wider range of models to choose from, so design will play a crucial role in appealing to a target audience.

Of course, a door lock is first and foremost a functional item, but in the future it will matter how well it integrates within the overall style and requirements of the house it’s protecting.

To take just an example, here’s the Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock.

Preoccupation with appearance is visible as soon as you lay eyes on the product. Even more so if you see how it looks once it’s applied on a door. The elegant yet sturdy design features an understated backlit keypad which doesn’t seem like a foreign item on the door.

Home Network Integration

We mentioned earlier a few words about the role the Internet of Things will have in the development of the smart door locks sector. But there’s something more that needs to be mentioned here: IoT (Internet of Things) is less about innovation for innovation’s sake and more about integration.

smart door locks

In what concerns home security, it will clearly be a major part of the whole home networking system.

As your phone will essentially become a command centre for all household operations, access to your home will be integrated within a whole system facilitated by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and M2M (Machine to Machine) communication.

All in all, the smart door locks industry is heading towards a future wherein we’ll be able to open doors safely and remotely – all at the most convenient prices for the mainstream market.

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