4 Interesting Lock Picking Facts that Will Surprise You

lock picking facts

Usually, lock picking is associated with negative implications, since we immediately link it to a house break-in.

But one of the lock picking facts we should acknowledge is that when used responsibly, knowledge about picking a lock can come in handy.

Besides, there are other interesting aspects and fun facts associated with this practice. If you read further, you may be in for a change of perspective.

1. Lock Picking Can Be a Sport

And it’s called locksport.

Indeed, it may not sound like something that’d require stamina. In turn, it requires presence of mind and ingenuity to face the challenge of ‘beating’ various lock systems.

lockpicking facts

In the US, there’s even an association in charge with holding yearly competitions and it’s called TOOOL – The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers.

In case you’re wondering why this sport is growing in popularity, the explanations lies in the fact that it’s challenging while also teaching participants some practical skills.

2. To Some, a Hobby; to Others, a Testing Method

Speaking of practicality, it’s worth noting that another one of the lock picking facts is that lock picking represents the most reliable method for manufacturers to test products like door locks or deadbolts.

After all, the best way to improve a defence system is by anticipating where intruders could spot potential flaws. So, before launching a model, door lock manufacturers can test the products’ reliability by having someone try to pick them.

Aside from practicality, we should also acknowledge the recreational side of locksmithing. Some people simply enjoy figuring out ways of disassembling locks. For that, they would get a lock pick set of various degrees of difficulty and a tension wrench.

Locks aficionados find this hobby useful in training their persistence and patience. After all, it’s similar to solving riddles or assembling a puzzle.

3. It Dates Back in Time

The first prototypes of locks first appeared 4000 years ago, allegedly, so it would be natural to assume lock picking has originated around the same era.

But the first lock picking facts and reports are actually registered in the 18th century, at the same time the first mass-market mechanical lock was made available.

Before he perfected his door lock model in 1784, Joseph Bramah held a lock picking contest in 1777. The contest would gather anyone interested in picking the pioneering model of lock, in exchange for a prize of 200 guineas (that means £20.000 now).

Turns out, that lock was so solid that it stayed unpickable for 64 years.

lockpicking facts

4. Fun Lock Picking Facts: Harry Houdini Was a Locksmith

What would lock picking and magic have in common? It’s about a common skill set which includes dexterity, precision and attention to details.

And if you think of magic, you couldn’t get a more prominent figure than Harry Houdini. Funny enough, magic tricks, unbelievable acts of escaping and illusionism were not his only skills – locksmithing was yet another one. 

That’s why he was able to perform something that can be called ‘lock picking illusionism’ wherein he would baffle spectators with lock-based illusionism acts.

Once word spread that he was capable of this kind of magic tricks, London Daily Mirror challenged him to unlock a pair of handcuffs that took 5 years to be designed for ultra-security. After Houdini completed this daring challenge, he got the nickname Harry ‘Handcuff’ Houdini.

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