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Top Tips For Home Security On a Budget This Christmas

Christmas Tree

The nights are drawing in, frost is on the ground, and it won’t be long before Santa is on his sleigh! However, what is a time of year for festivities and indulgence for some, can also be a tough one for others, with finances stretched to the limit on just trying to keep the house safe and warm. It’s going to be even harder this year, with the energy tariffs increasing by over 50%, as well as steep hikes in the cost of food. Keeping your house safe and secure is even more important at this time of year, as families prepare for the arrival of Father Christmas and need to keep all their gifts safe and sound. We have some great tips for improving your home security that won’t break the bank. Take a look at our tips below:

Hide your valuables

One of the cheapest ways to improve your home security on a budget is to ensure that all valuables such as keys and purses are kept out of sight and reach of the door. It may be tempting to throw them on the side table next to the door when you arrive home from work (as well as making them easy to remember when you go out!), it’s important to hide them from view and thereby stop them from being an easy target for a burglar. Of course, any presents you have wrapped ready for Christmas should be left out of sight too. Father Christmas knows to come down the chimney instead of the front door, so your keys don’t need to be on show, especially on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Presents In Brown Paper
Christmas Presents Wrapped In Brown Paper
Keeping Valuables Out Of Sight

Install exterior lighting

Lights with motion sensors are one of the best options for home security on a budget, with some models on sale for less than £20 and keeping your home well-lit can deter any opportunist thieves, as well as stop you scrabbling around in the dark for your key! Security lights are a worthwhile, cheap investment for your home, and can have a big impact. Websites such as Screwfix and B&Q have a range of security lights available within this budget

Outdoor Security Lighting

Checking your doors and changing your locks

After such a fantastic summer, it seems hard to believe that we are now faced with sub-zero temperatures and the possibility of snow. However, freezing conditions and lack of moisture can cause your door frame to contract, leading to a poor fit between the door and lock, meaning that it might be harder to lock properly, as well as increasing the possibility of your key getting stuck. If adjustments can be made to your doors, it could help to keep your house warm, and potentially fix some common door lock problems. A new lock can help to keep draughts out, and keep precious warm air in, meaning you won’t need to keep your radiators firing all day long. Changing your locks is one of the cheapest options to help secure your home, and our specialist locksmiths fit, change or repair a wide variety of locks, so get in touch today to ensure your house is well-protected.

Adjustments To Lock and Door
Adjustments To Lock and Door
Front Doors
Front Doors

Install an alarm

According to ONS, burglaries are 1.14 times more likely to take place in winter, as thieves prefer to operate in darker conditions. Fitting your home with an alarm system can be a highly effective deterrent, and a quick and simple upgrade for home security on a budget. Take a look at the Yale Smart Home Alarm which we can install. These alarm systems are ideal for all types of home, from flat, to terraced or detached. Fitting an alarm doesn’t have to break the bank and having peace of mind that your loved ones and gifts under the tree are safe and secure this Christmas is priceless.

If an alarm system is out of your budget this year, a fake or “dummy” alarm siren could help to deter opportunistic thieves passing by creating the appearance of a real alarm system. They look just like their more expensive, working versions, but work only as a visual deterrent, as they are not paired to a live alarm system. These can be found for around £30 in DIY and hardware stores or Amazon. A good example is the Yale dummy siren which includes an integrated flashing LED light, currently on sale for £29.

Yale Sync Smart Alarm Siren

Make sure to check out our other great blogs about how to protect against common methods use to enter your home, as well as how to secure your sliding glass door, so you can be as protected as possible. Get in touch today with one of our local locksmiths who will be happy to help. 

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