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Protecting Against the Common Methods Intruders Use to Enter Your Home

Burglar Caught On Camera

Criminals tend to rely on a few common methods of entering your home uninvited, and becoming a victim of burglary is extremely upsetting. There’s no use stewing in fear of criminals breaking into your home when you can do something about it though. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their home.

If you feel as though you could be doing a little more to defend your home against the threat of intruders, here are some top tips you might want to take note of.

Prepare Your Doors

As audacious as it sounds, some criminals will try and walk straight through the front door. This most obvious of entry points should be kept as safe and secure as possible.

You can do this by upgrading your locks, installing deadbolts and a chain and attaching a smart doorbell. A sturdy front door can give you peace of mind, particularly since it’s the main entryway to your home. Getting that sorted out at the very least should boost your safety in mind and in real life.

Assess Your Windows

Windows are very common points of entry for criminals, and while it might seem like an obvious one, there’s plenty more to check out than just the lock on the window itself.

For example, is the window ledge wide enough and strong enough to support a burglar’s frame, giving them access to a higher floor? Is there a nearby drainpipe a thief could shimmy up for access? Are there any wooden, rotting window frames that could compromise the security?

Assess your windows thoroughly as a part of your security check. If you have older aluminium or wooden window frames, you may want to consider upgrading to uPVC. uPVC window frames won’t rust and can’t rot like other materials such as wood. They’re also very tough to damage and are able to withstand all weather. If your window frame is looking a bit worse for wear, now could be the right time to consider an upgrade. Also look at improving your window security with better window locks and make sure to draw your curtains at night.

Secure Your Garage

Garage Door

Many burglars seek to enter your property via the garage or simply just go straight for the garage in the first place, as it might potentially house valuable items like cars and power tools.

It’s wise to fit your house with smart CCTV cameras to catch any criminals in the act. Consider installing some powerful security lights that can illuminate access points and shed light on the situation at hand. Sometimes, the presence of a security light and a camera alone are enough to scare off cowardly criminals.

You could purchase an alarm system that works for your garage as well as the house to ensure your car and tools are safe and secure.

Hide Your Key

The old key-under-the-pot trick is a classic, but it’s not advised. Burglars will likely look here first, so if you have a spare key lying around in your pots, you should probably move it.

This also refers to hiding your key out of sight of the letterbox. If a burglar’s wire coat hanger is in range of some keys you’ve left on the side, then you’re giving them free passage! So, hide your keys!

Install Anti-Climb Protection

Anti-climb protection for your walls and drainpipes can be another great criminal deterrent. Criminals tend to be on the lookout for ways to enter your property via the upper floors because some people tend to forget about securing them.

They could do this buy climbing a convenient drainpipe, provided it’s strong enough to prevent them from a fall. To prevent this, you can install anti-climbing protection, such as ant-climb paint to the downpipe, and if you have walls you’d like to protect, you can paint them with the anti-climb paint too.

Remember to always pay attention to the security on the upper floors of your house, too, as the craftiest of burglars will attempt to scale any surface no matter the height!

General Tips to Follow

Always try and make your house a smaller target for criminals. Hide your valuables out of sight and make sure no one can see your expensive tech, ornaments or belongings from the road.

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