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Tag Archives: home security mistakes

3 Home Security Mistakes That Can Get Your Home Robbed during the Holidays

home security mistakes

Nothing can ruin a holiday like finding out your home was robbed when you return. Sadly, it’s a real possibility that you need to avoid.

We don’t mean to be downers but make sure you take necessary precautions. This way, you can soak up the sun without worrying about your home.1674149

To keep burglars away while you’re on a holiday, avoid these three home security mistakes:

1. Announcing Your Holiday

We understand that you’re excited to go on vacation but be careful when talking about it. Social media has become an ingrained part of our life but remember that burglars use it too.

If you post about when you’re going on vacation, just about anyone can find out. If a thief knows about your plans, they could rob your home. You won’t be there to stop them.

We doubt you personally know all your Facebook friends so be careful what you share.

The same goes with notices on your door or fence. If you’re expecting someone to swing by, tell them that you won’t be home in person before departing. A note on your door is like an invitation for burglars.

If you want to talk about your holiday, do it after you come back. Doing it before is one of the biggest home security mistakes.

2. Putting All Your Faith in a Locked Door

You can classify burglars into two categories: Impulse thieves and “professionals”.

The first category will simply see your house and decide to break in. They don’t plan ahead; they just do it. They could pick the lock, climb through a window or just break down the door – whichever seems easier.

The second category will stake out the place before entering and devise a plan. When they make their move, they’ll know where to go and what to do. Professionals are more dangerous than impulse thieves.

4926205564_9f1df77730_b[Image Credits: Jason]

Either way, a simple lock won’t stop them. If you’ve got CCTV cameras or alarms, though, everything changes. The moment an impulse thief sees a camera or hears an alarm, they’ll run. They’ll realise the mistake they’ve made and try to get away.

The professional burglar will see your security system and just give up. They know they have a slim chance of getting away so they move on.

Whichever way you look at the situation, a security system enhances your safety. With smart technology, you can even monitor the house through your smartphone.

3. Hiding a Spare Key

People usually leave hidden keys behind while they’re away because of two reasons. The first one is because the key was always there. The second reason is to have it there in case of an emergency. Let’s tackle both ideas and see why they’re home security mistakes.

We get that people sometimes lose their keys, but a hidden spare is a huge risk. If someone sees you using that key and putting it back, they can enter the house whenever they want.home security mistakes

Event if the key is a well-guarded secret, a burglar will check for hidden keys. Once a stranger has your key, stealing your belongings becomes a breeze. Find a better alternative.

The second reason is even worse. If you’re afraid a pipe will burst, give the key to a trusted friend. You’d need their help if something goes wrong either way, so it’s better to be prepared.

Hidden keys are never a good idea. If you’re out of town, the risk is even greater.

Why People Keep Making These Home Security Mistakes

The problem is that many think that bad things, like a robbery, won’t happen to them. After it happens, though, they change their tune. The best policy is to always be careful. Like the saying goes: “Better safe than sorry”.

We hope you learned a thing or two about home security. If you’ve got carefree friends, don’t forget to show this article to them too.

If you’re in need of any home security tips or advice, we’ll gladly help you. Get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter or right here on our website.

3 Critical Home Security Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

home security mistakes

What is your usual reaction when you hear about burglaries on the local news? Does it make you worry at least a little bit? Most people think this would never happen to them. That is why they ignore security measures.

Making the wrong choices exposes you to higher risks and costs. Here are three common home security mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not Investing in Motion-Detection Lights

This sounds weird, right? After all, how can you save money by spending money?

Well, it’s important to understand that overlooking outside lighting is one of the biggest home security mistakes you can make. 

Don’t forget that many would-be thieves are scared away by well-lit homes. Still, you can’t just leave your outside lights on every time you leave the house. That will just increase your energy bills over time.

Well, the solution is very simple: Motion-detection lights. They will only turn on when someone is near them, so you won’t waste money to keep your home safe.

Plus, just imagine how scared potential robbers will be when a light suddenly turns on when they are in the vicinity.

home security mistakes

2. Opting for Outdated Solutions – One of the Most Common Home Security Mistakes

When it comes to choosing the right home security system, you have to consider all your needs. For instance, can a standard system meet all of them? Most likely not.

That is why you should opt for smart, up-to-date measures. Here are three reasons why this would be a smart decision:

  • They are convenient – Contrary to popular belief, smart home security systems are very user-friendly. For instance, you can just control them with a smartphone, and the general controls and the interface are easy to get used to.
  • They generally come with competitive prices – Some of them might be more expensive than traditional systems. However, they tend to shine in the long run. Why? Because they can save you money in many ways. For instance, they can lower your energy bills.
  • They offer total control – Let’s take smart alarms as an example. When they trigger, they can send images of your home to your smartphone. That will help you immediately assess the situation.

3. Constant Social Media Updates

This sounds weird, right? Well, there is some truth to it. A burglar could always find out about your whereabouts by checking your social media profile. They would most likely look for any check-ins or relevant status updates.

That means they’d basically get a free pass while you are out in the town enjoying yourself. Of course, this wouldn’t be such a huge issue if you’d invest in a smart security system.

Like we just said, it gives you full remote control over it. That means you can enjoy your night out without having to worry about your valuables getting stolen.

home security mistakes

Want to Find out More about Home Security Mistakes or Other Related Subjects?

Well, you can do just that be keeping up-to-date with our articles. Plus, we’re sure there are other subjects on our blog that might interest you, so feel free to check them out.

Also, don’t forget you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter for any questions.

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