Smart Home Devices – What 2017 Brings Us

Each year comes with its own offer of smart home devices – and 2017 is looking promising in this respect, so far.

The turning point 2017 is profiling for the industry seems to be the big companies’ efforts to better educate users.

Indeed, as advanced as smart home tech has become, users still need explanations on how to integrate it into their daily lives. It’s a gradual process this year will likely score some advances to. 

That said, we’ve got a few items which might spark your interest and get you acquainted with the future of smart home technology.

BeOn Starter Pack

Have you ever wished you could give the impression you’re at home while you’re away?

Now, this has been made possible with the smart lighting technology offered by BeOn smart bulbs. They can be used instead of regular bulbs, but when activated through the app, they can:

  • replay typical lighting patterns when the owners are away
  • activate automatically when the doorbell is rung
  • continuous functioning due to a backup lighting technology lasting up to 5 hours.

Briefly speaking, BeOn is designed to be a ‘smarter bulb’ due to its capacities of learning a homeowner’s lighting patterns.

In case an unwanted person rings the doorbell to check if you’re home, BeOn bulbs switch on so as to mimic human presence.

While this is a fine feature, it cannot guarantee 100% protection. So make sure you get a backup plan with products like Yale smart locks.

smart home devices

That means you won’t need to spend time programming a lighting schedule when you have to leave for a few days – BeOn already knows how to do that for you with a single click.

Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

For those who are thinking of going further than smart lighting, let us suggest another agile possibility: smart shades for your windows.

On the surface, they look like regular shades. Except you get some more functionalities:

  • geofencing-based automation (a geofence is a virtual area which corresponds to the physical perimeter of a residence – it mainly uses Google Earth to determine)
  • Siri voice control
  • smart home devices integration (you can connect thermostats or lights to the shades)
  • Apple HomeKit integration.

This is a particularly convenient gadget for the elderly or the disabled.

Nest Protect – Among the Smart Home Devices You Should Give a Thought to

Moving away from convenience, here we have a personal safety item – the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

Now at its second generation, this device sports a smarter look which integrates well within your home design.

But most importantly, it protects you from unexpected hazards like the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide.

Nest Protect generates a strong voice and LED alert – which you can mute, in case you know there’s no danger.

Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System

For new parents, home safety is double trouble – they need to make sure there’s nothing harmful in their baby’s way.

With that in mind, Project Nursery advanced a creatively designed baby monitoring system parents can basically wear upon their sleeves. 

smart home devices

This smart device allows parents to shake off the burden of carrying a monitor around the house in order to be able to check their child’s room.

The 1.5-inch wearable monitor doesn’t require another app on your smartphone, so you can have every command in a single place. It even includes features like lullabies or motion alerts.

Thus, as you can clearly notice, there’s no lack of great smart home devices awaiting to be discovered.

Until they convince you of their effectiveness, make sure you’re covered and get the best home security and locksmith services.