If You’re Burgled Once, Are You a Target Again?

Burglar breaking into property

It’s never fun realising you’ve been a victim of theft, especially when the thief has broken into your family home and stolen from you while you were away, or even more traumatising, while you were sleeping. To make matters worse, according to a criminologist report published by Confused.com, if a burglar realises your property is easily accessible and has seen what kind of valuables you have that they may not have taken the first time, they are likely to return a second time. When they do, they are more likely to be efficient since they know the best entry and exit points, plus where all your valuables are.

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Unfortunately, most people think getting burgled was a one-time event and they chalk it up to bad luck. This is generally not the case. Burglars often stake out their targets and choose which homes to break into very carefully. There are a number of reasons why a person’s home could have been targeted, so thinking it was just bad luck and not taking any security measures or precautions to stop it from happening again is a huge mistake.

Reasons burglars hit the same homes twice

Thieves tend to return to the scene of the crime to see if the site is still easy to break into because it’s easier than staking out a new home. If they don’t return themselves, they could also tell others who could try for themselves. It may sound like paranoia, but if you’re an easy target, why would they choose a different target that could be more difficult or dangerous?

Thieves are opportunistic, so if they feel comfortable after their first time, it’s highly likely they will return to scope out the scene again and see if it still is just as easy as it was. They are familiar with the logistics of the crime, like how the property is laid out, where the valuables are, what time is best to strike, and how to get into and out of the home in the easiest way. The most opportunistic burglars will actually strike quite soon after the first burglary because they know you won’t be expecting it so soon.

Steps you should take after a burglary

The absolute first step to take is to call the police. Do not touch anything in your home once you have realised the situation to avoid accidentally tampering with or destroying evidence and explain to the police in detail what happened.

Next, make a list of all the items that have been stolen so when the police arrive you can tell them. If there was anything of high value taken, call your insurance provider as well. They can advise you on what to do and tell you if your stolen objects are covered. Your insurance can also help with any immediate costs, like paying to fix something that was broken when they burglar entered your home.

Check to make sure your keys aren’t missing. If you think there is a key missing, change your locks immediately. Then, check to see what kind of vulnerabilities your home has. The burglar targeted you for a reason, so if you don’t have an alarm system or if you leave your windows or doors unlocked, it’s best to remedy this right away. Installing a CCTV camera or smart home security system is ideal, as it gives you the ultimate control over your security settings. Make sure to always lock your windows and doors when you leave and while you’re home to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.