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A Guide To Keeping Your Home Safe At Christmas

Christmas Presents Under Tree

Did you know during the Christmas season, the number of home burglaries increase?

It’s the most wonderful time of year for thieves just as much as it is for your family, but the last thing you want this holiday season is coming home to find your house ransacked. To avoid being a victim of theft, it’s important to understand why burglaries increase over the holiday season and what you can to do prevent it from happening to you.

Christmas Presents

Here is a list of reasons why theft jumps so high over the season and how you can combat each by properly securing your home.

The problem: You aren’t home as much as usual because you’re visiting friends and family, going to Christmas parties, shopping, or on holiday. Burglars realise your home is empty and they take the opportunity to break in.

The solution: Make your home appear as though someone is home and have home security set up. If you’re going out for the whole day, leave some lights on or maybe even keep the TV on or have a radio playing for some noise. If you’re going away for a longer period of time, ask your neighbour to park their car in your driveway and to pick up your mail for you. Keep your curtains closed and have your lights on a timer so they come on at a certain time. Also, try not to leave any notes on your door for delivery people telling them you aren’t home.

For extra security, it’s also a great idea to have a home security system set up. Smart alarms and CCTV are becoming the norm in home security technology so these solutions are quite affordable nowadays. You can connect your security system to your phone so you can always check up on your home, as well as set alarms and controls straight from the security app. Plus, if your alarm goes off, you will get notified instantly.

The problem: Burglars can see what gifts you’ve bought based on the packaging left outside or on your kerb for garbage pickup. By leaving conspicuous packaging from presents outside, you’re giving thieves an opportunity to take stock of what items are under your Christmas tree.

The solution: If you buy a gift for someone or open a gift and throw away the box or packaging, whether it’s a new television, computer, toy, or clothing, make sure to keep all the packaging concealed if you’re leaving it on your porch or curb. Put everything in a bag that you can’t see through, and if possible, leave it inside or in your garage until garbage pickup.

The problem: Having gifts visible through windows so thieves scouting the area can see exactly what you have.

The solution: Keep your gifts stored away from sight. Leave them in closets or put them away from windows. If this isn’t possible, make sure to keep your blinds closed so people walking down the street can’t see inside.


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