How Smart Home Security Surpasses Conventional Systems

smart home

In our quest for a smart home, we often forget what makes the security better than the old lock-and-key.

At LockRite, we’ve analysed this and would like to inform you on the subject.

Sit back and enjoy while we walk you through the benefits of a smart security system.

smart home

Why the Internet Saves Homes

Almost anything can be connected to the Internet nowadays – from the standard laptops and PCs to watches and even refrigerators.

Smart home security systems are no different. Some security cameras don’t even require you to follow a complicated installation procedure.

There are systems where you just connect your HD camera to the Internet and set it in the desired location. That’s it.

The reason you’re going to log into a network is to supervise your home while you’re away. You can do that through any hand-held device with access to the Internet.

You simply sync your device with the camera for an easy way to check on your home.

Of course, just watching your flat isn’t enough. You’ll also need a way to alert someone of the intruders’ presence if you’re not paying attention.

Luckily, there are alarm systems which offer motion-activated alerts for such occasions. Moreover, a tool like the Yale Easyfit Smartphone Alarm sends images to your smartphone when the alarm is activated.

Think of how much control you have just through the power of the Internet.

Get Notifications about Your Smart Home

Some people are just more paranoid than others about the safety of their assets. If only there was some way to check on the house while you were away.

Ah, but there is. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Security companies saw this as a chance to develop their own free security apps.

You can use your 3G/4G or Wi-Fi-enabled device to get notifications about unusual activity in your home. Not to mention live video feeds straight from the scene.

Deter Potential Intruders

The best way to deter thieves is for someone to be home all the time. Of course, that wouldn’t be viable for anyone.

However, potential intruders don’t need to know that you are out of the house. Fortunately, alarm systems nowadays can come fitted with power switch accessories.

That means light switches and some appliances can be turned on if unusual activity is detected on the premises.

It is highly unlikely that someone would attempt a robbery while the owners “are home”. Noisy alarms don’t always need to go off to discourage burglars.

smart home

The Question of Privacy

Some of you might wonder if security cameras don’t threaten your privacy. Fortunately, any alarm or CCTV system is in your total control at all times.

You decide where you set up the cameras, and consequently what you can see through the Smartphone app at all times.

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