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Why It’s a Smart Idea To Get a Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm

Yale Sync Smart Alarm

Your home is full of valuable possessions, stuff that you’d want to keep away from the wrong hands. That’s why it’s a good idea to do all you can to have the best home security possible. Although home intrusions, break-ins, burglaries, and robberies are rare, they still happen. To ensure that it’s not your home that’s targeted, you need to invest in the best home protection you can get, be that via locks, deterrents like lights, and other measures.

One of the best things you can do is invest in a Smart Home Alarm. These gadgets are some of the best options out there for people wanting to better protect their homes and come with a lot of benefits. Here’s why it’s a clever move to get a Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm.

Yale Sync Alarm - Keypad

Instant Alerts

With most house alarms, when they’re triggered, it’ll set off a physical alarm in an attempt to deter the trespasser and also alert people nearby that something unwanted is happening. When you are in the home and this happens, this loud alarm will be enough to let you know what’s happening and better deal with the situation.

However, if you’re away from home and the property is unattended, then you might not have any knowledge that your home is being broken into. Furthermore, if your home is empty, the people doing the break-in are most likely aware of that, and therefore will be less deterred by an alarm going off.

What makes the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm so clever is that if an alarm is tripped, it will immediately send you an alert on your mobile device, meaning that you are aware of the incident the second it takes place. This can then allow you to call the police and, hopefully, catch the bandit in the act.

Yale Sync Alarm App

Mobile Control

In addition to getting alarms on your phone, the Yale app that accompanies the device also allows the user to control and customise when their alarms are active. They can do so from a separate location to the home. This allows you to ensure that alarms are active when you need them, and it also provides an avenue to lock an entranceway if you forgot to do so manually. You can also set timers if there are regular times where you’d prefer the alarm to be active, and all of this makes the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm a very convenient piece of home security to have.

Furthermore, these alarms can be made even more convenient when used in conjunction with a home assistant device such as an Alexa or Google Dot. Synching your alarm with these devices allows you to voice command your alarms, meaning that you won’t have to fiddle around with any keypads and instead will be able to control your alarms for anywhere in the home.

Yale Sync Alarm - Compatible with Alexa

Pet Sensors

One of the worst things about home security alarms is that pets can be really awkward with them, as they can either set off alarms accidentally, and they might not be able to get access into and out of the home freely. The Yale Sync comes with options where you can get pet sensors to deal with this problem. With a range of 200m, this wireless sensor will only activate the alarm if it detects movement from things that are larger than 25kg and above. This means that your furry friend, be that a dog or a cat, can move around your property freely without risking them tripping an alarm.

Yale Sync Alarm Sensor

It’s Compatible With A Lot

When investing in a Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm, you will be getting complete coverage of your home. However, the device and network of additional items are expandable, meaning that you can add various other home security technology to your arsenal to ensure that your home is even safer. This will allow you to ensure that you have all the most advanced and up-to-date home security technology. One of the best devices to integrate with your Yale Sync Home Alarm is a doorbell camera. This will allow you to see who is ringing your doorbell and give you a live feed of activity around your home.

Due to all these features, the Yale Sync Smart home alarm is a genius security system to invest in and is highly recommended. To make sure your alarm works as well as it can, be sure to also get some brilliant locks from us too. Call us now on 0800 0612 677 or visit lockrite.org to find a locksmith near you.

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