When Should You Consider Changing Your Lock?

changing your lock

As a homeowner, you often carry various responsibilities related to a property’s maintenance.

In this respect, it’s indicated you regularly assess the security level of your home. And while doing so, you may also consider changing your lock.

As experienced locksmiths, we thought of helping you decide whether this is something your house needs. So here are 4 situations wherein buying a new door lock should be a priority.

1. When Moving in

Moving out of your former residence can become stressful or overwhelming, so much so you may neglect home security aspects like getting a new lock for your new dwelling.

changing your lock

It may seem like an additional expense one could postpone making, but you never know who owns keys to a new residence, so it’s wiser if you buy entirely new locks and have them shield the property.

A special mention could be made in case you’re giving a property for rent: it may be wiser to change the entrance door lock each time a tenant leaves. This way, the new inhabitants will feel more secure, while you strengthen your reputation as a landlord.

Find out more about our locksmith services for landlords, including restricted key systems.

2. When Losing Your Set of Keys

Many people who lose their keys proceed to getting key copies using the spare key set – which is a convenient move, time-wise.

But on a second thought, the process should be reversed: changing your lock should come first.

This way, you completely remove the possibility your estranged keys can be used by random intruders who may have found them.

It’s best if you prevent any break-in before anyone thinks of taking advantage.

3. When Breaking up with a Long-term Partner

At first read, you may have thought this heading is quite out of place in an article about changing your locks. Going through a breakup can be a difficult time, let alone mixing it up with home security concerns.

But if you really think about it, you may realise you can’t predict the outcome in case an ex-partner leaves the relationship with hard feelings.

So the best thing you can do is get new locks for your property. This way, you eliminate any scenario where unwanted people may have access to your belongings.

4. When Locks Get Old

This situation should be a no-brainer. Except people are not always aware how worn out their door locks actually are.

If locks seem to do their job, the assumption is there’s no need to worry or to take prevention measures.

changing your lock

The reality, however, is that homeowners should consider having door locks assessed by a local locksmith once a year.

They will be able to warn you whether changing your lock is necessary so you don’t undergo an unpleasant experience.

Not Sure About Changing Your Lock and How to Go About It?

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