The Best Tips Which Will Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas


Christmas time is always a joyful and festive period for all members of the family. December is also a busy month, so you may spend more time away from home than the rest of the year.

No matter what, you should keep your home safe, whether you’re visiting friends and family, shopping or going to different parties.

To make sure nothing gets in the way of enjoying Christmas, consider these tips to make sure your home and valuables are safe.

1. Out of Sight, out of Mind

Burglars are aware that near Christmas, people will have a lot of presents in their home, especially more expensive items.

If your Christmas tree is visible from the outside, then we recommend placing the gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve rather than before.

2. Give the Impression Someone is Home

Christmas is that time of the year when people are visiting each other and so they leave their house empty for longer than usual.

Because of this, you want to give the impression you’re actually home to deter any potential burglars.

You can use timers for your lights so they will turn on from time to time and appear as if you’re home.  Moreover, to block the view from the outside, you should also close your curtains or blinds.

3. Be Careful What You Post on Social Media

If you’ll be going away for a while, then we recommend not posting about it on Social Media or disclose the amount of time your house will be empty.

If you do decide to post about it, make sure your profile is private and only people you personally know will be able to see your post.

4. Don’t Run External Lights Through the Window

Even though external lights can make your house look amazing, you should avoid using them because the little crack can compromise the integrity of the window.

Use outdoor lights which require an outside outlet instead.

5. Double Check Your Locks and Windows

Even if you leave your home for just a few hours, double check your windows and doors to make sure they are properly locked.

Even though you’ll be in a hurry to get somewhere, it’s more important to keep your home safe than to arrive on time.

At the same time, we recommend checking your locks thoroughly because you will be able to spot if they work properly or if you need to upgrade them to more advanced ones.

keep your home safe

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas! Keep Your Home Safe

Christmas may be a good time to consider upgrading your home security system. Having more than just quality locks can give you peace of mind, especially during a period when burglaries tend to occur more often, like the winter months.

We recommend considering a CCTV security camera such as the smart range one from Yale. Burglars are put off most of the time by CCTV cameras and so you will decrease the risk of breaking in if they are visible on your property.

If you want to keep your home safe by installing a smart security range, give us a call today at 0800 0612 677.