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Post Break-in: Best Ways to Restore Your Office Security

For a small business, the effects of a break-in can be particularly devastating and range from property destruction to loss of merchandise, money and confidential data and documents.

There’s also that feeling of vulnerability and helplessness many people experience after a burglary. However, it’s important to know there are several things you can do to fight back.

Rebuilding your office security will help you regain a sense of control and better protect your assets and facility in the future. Read on to discover a few effective steps to consider:

office security

Assessing the Damage

Start by assessing the damage done to your office and take care of repairs as soon as possible, especially if it relates to access points (including small windows, hollow roof space and backdoors).

This is an urgent matter, as damage caused to doors, frames and locks leaves your property exposed to further risks.

Keep in mind, some signs which indicate a lock has been tampered with are hard to spot by someone who is not a professional, so consider employing the services of a licensed locksmith.

An expert will know what to look for, necessary repairs and change locks if needed.

Boarding up the Windows

That said, a common tactic a burglar will use to break into a property is smashing the windows. If this is something which has happened in your case and you’ve got broken or shattered windows, it’s essential to address this issue immediately.

Otherwise, you could risk being targeted by opportunistic thieves who will take advantage of the fact your property is vulnerable. Never assume you can’t be the victim of a burglary twice in the same day.

Our recommendation is to board up the damaged windows to secure your property until you can make alternative arrangements for a permanent repair.

We provide emergency locksmithing and boarding up services, 7 days a week, 24/7. Call us at 0800 0612 677 and one of your expert locksmiths could be at your commercial premises within 20 – 40 minutes!

Think About Your Office Security in Layers

At a broader scale, one of the best ways to deal with the aftermath of a burglary is to upgrade the overall security of the facility.

Now, most commercial premises have a basic safety feature in place to limit unauthorized access, like high-quality locks fitted on all property doors.

However, to reduce the risk of another break-in in the future, we suggest having a broader outlook when approaching office security.

office security

A layered defence is all about having several kinds of security measures in place, which combined can deliver a high level of protection. Here are a few examples of layers:

  • HD CCTV systems and security alarms
  • having locks on all the doors, not just the outside ones
  • locking all valuables in the safe at the end of the workday
  • having policies in place which address the possible internal threat (such as changing the safe combination whenever an employee who had access to it leaves)
  • even your employees or colleagues can be a layer of protection. Provide safety training which teaches them to be vigilant and take note of any unusual activity and where to report it.

Each one of these layers serves a specific purpose which supports the greater goal of enhanced office security.

Identify the Weak Links in Your Security System

After the initial shock of a break-in has worn off, it’s time to take a good look at the security measures you have in place and see what stands to be improved. Also, take note of how office policies meant to ensure protection are enforced.

It’s not always easy to spot the red flags or know what to look for. If you want to make sure you’re not missing something, it could be a good idea to turn to the professional services of someone who is an expert in this regard.

We can provide you with a security survey to check your office perimeter is secure.

We check that your existing locks are covered by your insurance and also provide guidance to reduce the chances of your property being an attractive target for potential thieves in the future.

If you need more information, call 0800 0612 677  and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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