October Wrap-up: The National Home Security Month Takeaways

home security

In the UK, the whole month of October is dedicated to home security.

Of course, the preoccupation for this topic is a constant one, but during this month, industry-related entities are trying to raise more awareness about it.

The Yale-sponsored initiative strives to address home security issues and has a dedicated blogging section where security tips are posted weekly. Other sites are trying to emulate this and share the same kind of awareness-raising content.

These efforts are necessary since it is reported that a quarter of Brits have no security measures in place.

Down below, you’re going to read about the main takeaways shared during October and hopefully, they’ll inspire you to take specific action on shielding your household from intruders.

Keep It Simple – and Safe

With all the noise around smart home tech, it’s sometimes easy to neglect security measures which have been around for quite a while. 

So if you have your eyes on some smart home security gadgets, make sure you also include traditional measures like:

  • double shielding entry doors with a night latch or mortice lock
  • upgrading the cylinder in case you have a PVCu or composite external door, as older cylinders are more exposed to lock-snapping
  • securing all windows with key-operated locks.

home security

Curated Smart Security Suggestions List

The National Home Security Month couldn’t have passed without British specialists picking a few smart security devices. This list of helpful devices will help you get an idea of what items you should invest in:

  • smart locks – keyless locks which let you control your door lock through an PIN-activated app on your phone. This way, you can access the lock remotely and even allow trusted persons to enter your home once you send them a one-time access code.
  • smart alarms – they allow you to rest assured you’ll be instantly notified in case any suspicious activity is recorded.
  • CCTV system – ensures remote viewing (i.e. watching over your home, while anywhere in the world) and lets you record activity outside your house to serve as evidence in case of a break-in.
  • automatic light switchers – even when you’re out on holiday, you get to set the way lights switch, thus letting the impression the house is actually inhabited.
  • digital door viewer – allows you to see who knocks at your door, thus reducing the possibility of your being a victim of burglars’ distraction tactics.

Clocks Go Back, Your Home Stays Safe

Normally, one wouldn’t think autumn daylight saving time could bring potential home security liabilities.

But burglars sure take advantage of extended night-time.

That said, here are a few aspects to pay attention to once daylight time starts decreasing:

  • It’s best if you don’t keep garden furniture and tools outside.
  • Having external lightning in place is a solid burglar deterrent.
  • Secure any gates or fencing.

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Halloween Season Home Security Tips

During Halloween time, lots of people roam around, so the likelihood you open the door to strangers increases.

The first thing you can do to prevent this from happening is having a ‘Do not disturb’ sign posted at your door. This way, you avoid opening the door too often and exposing the interior of your home.

Plus, avoid sharing your location on social media when going out during Halloween– you never know who could use this information to take advantage.

New Year’s Eve Resolution: Home Security

With all the above tips in mind, how about you assess them and consider a new home security strategy as a New Year’s resolution?

At Lockrite, we’re always here to support you with this decision and provide a suite of locksmith services that meet the highest British standard.