Need a locksmith?

Do you need a locksmith? If you’re reading this then you’ve probably not got an emergency. However, it’s worth considering who you should turn to if you do find yourself locked out or, worse, burgled. It’s also a good time to consider whether your security is up to scratch. So what can we do for you, and why should you turn to us?

The first step you should take is to have a security survey. Home security can be confusing, and it’s hard to know what you need unless you’re in the industry yourself. Our locksmiths can check whether your current security measures are up to scratch, and give you advice on steps you can take to improve your home security.

We can then do any lock changes or repairs that you may need. We know what kind of locks you will need for your property, and which locks are recognised by insurers and British Standard. Two instances when you will particularly want to consider changing your locks are if they are non-insurable, or if you’ve just moved into a property.

We’re also happy to install other accessories to further strengthen your property’s security. Do you want to have more control over who you open the door to? We can install door chains and viewers. Do you want even more security for your doors or windows? We can install bars and grilles.House locked in chain and padlock

There are also more elaborate security solutions suitable for commercial properties. Our specialist services include the likes of master key systems, armour plated glass door locks, access control and more, giving you the security you need to protect your business from thieves.

If your property does get broken into, then we’re here for you. We work twenty four hours a day and aim to get to you within thirty minutes. We’ll aim to secure your property straight away, boarding up any windows that need it and changing or repairing any locks that have been damaged.

We can also simply let you in to your property. The expertise of our locksmiths means that you can be let in without any damage to your lock at all. This is whether you’ve left your key inside your property, got it stuck in the lock or it just won’t work. You might think that you don’t always need a locksmith, but trying to pick a lock or retrieve a key could damage it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So why choose LockRite? We’re a national business with a local focus. Our locksmiths live in or are close to the localities where they work, and can normally reach you within half an hour. All of them are DBS checked for your peace of mind, and you have a twelve month guarantee on parts and ninety days on workmanship.

If you want to have a locksmith you can turn to in times of need, then add our number to your phone. In the meantime, why not give us a call to see whether we can improve the security of your home? Visit our home page to find your local locksmith.