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Keep Burglars Out (But Let Santa In) With These Home Security Tips

home security - christmas gifts

If you want to make sure that the only person sneaking into your home this Christmas is the jolly chap who’s going to leave presents, there are some simple ways to stay safe. The Christmas period is a favourite time of the year for a burglar, so if you want to protect your prezzies, you’re going to have to do a little bit more than leaving out brandy and mince pies. You don’t have to lock your house up like a fortress, but here are some quick and easy ways to make sure the only person creeping around your tree on Christmas Eve, is Santa.


Hide the Presents

It’s very tempting to have all of your wrapped presents around the tree long before the big day. It certainly makes the Christmas decorations pop! The problem is that if your presents are in full view of the windows, then savvy burglars will be just as tempted to sneak in as you’re tempted to eat another mince pie. So keep your presents away from the tree until Christmas Eve and keep them under beds or in wardrobes to keep them safer and out of sight. Keep those presents hidden as much as possible!

Avoid Notes on the door

There’s a good chance you’ll be getting deliveries right up to Christmas Eve, and if you’re not in, you will probably think about leaving a friendly note to your postie. It’s all well and good to leave a note, but notes on your door are a sign for burglars that you’re not in. That’s going to be a Christmas gift for criminals that you want to avoid.

Christmas gifts, wrapped

Using Automatic Lights

If you’re leaving your home for a few hours, automatic lights can be very useful. They will make your home look lived in and will help deter those that want to ruin this magical time of year. Christmas lights should also never be run through open windows that you then can’t shut. That’s a particular favourite for burglars, and Santa certainly doesn’t need them open. Get your automatic lights on and keep your windows closed, and those criminals will be more likely to stay away.

Use Your Burglar Alarm

Don’t panic if you think your burglar alarm is going to scare off Santa and you’ll miss out on this year’s presents. Father Christmas is brilliant at getting in and out of houses without setting off an alarm, but burglars haven’t had the years to perfect that skill. Usually, just the sight of a burglar alarm will be enough to deter an opportunistic burglary, but Santa will still be able to get in, eat and drink whatever you’ve left, and then Ho Ho Ho his way out without a worry.

Home Security at Christmas

Don’t Advertise Holiday Plans

Although this year’s Christmas plans may have been interrupted by Covid-19, there’s a possibility you’ll be visiting loved ones for the big day. From your social media posts to the answer message on your phone, nothing will delight a burglar more than knowing for a fact that you’re not home and you’re not coming back for the day. If you’re worried that Santa won’t know where you are to drop off your presents, don’t panic. Father Christmas has Rudolph and Co to help him get where they need to be, and your presents will be with you wherever you are. Burglars love social media posts about the holidays, but Santa doesn’t even need a social media page to find you!

Be Aware of Your Neighbourhood

Burglars may choose to walk around a neighbourhood if they’re planning a burglary in the area, so it’s worth keeping an awareness of who’s walking around. If you have home security cameras, that’s a useful way to make sure that your home isn’t targeted, but being more aware of your surroundings can be just as useful. Of course, Santa won’t show up on those security cameras (he’s far too clever for that), but anyone trying to break into your home will be seen and recorded. So even if you are very unlucky, and they do break-in, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your possessions back.

At this most magical time of year, the last thing that you want is the unexpected arrival of an unwanted guest. Burglars at Christmas are something that you should give some serious thought to. Make sure your home is secure every time you leave, and keep expensive gifts out of view. The safer your home, the more you’ll be able to enjoy all of those lovely presents that Santa is going to be delivering this year.

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