Is There Really such a Thing as an Unpickable Lock?

unpickable locks

With safety as one of the primary human needs, there’s no wonder man has always strived to perfect new ways of securing households.

Everything got easier once the door lock technology went mainstream, but the work did not stop there. So, the next question was: Is there such a thing as an unpickable lock?

We have yet to live to see one. What we know for sure, however, is you should not rely on only one method of ensuring home security.

With so many tools available these days, you can take home safety much further than just door protection.  A multi-oriented approach will shield your residence the best.

In the following lines, we’ll analyse this matter more in-depth and try to formulate a conclusion.

Is There no Burglar-Proof Door Lock?

Lockpickers and burglars will spare no creative resource to find ways of breaking in. No matter how advanced door locks get, there could be people who’ll outsmart the system.

unpickable lock

With classic door locks, more ‘mechanical’ picking methods can be used.

With smart locks, burglars may find cyber security flaws.

And even if you do find the closest thing to an unpickable lock, there still is another side of the story: your house can be broken in through the windows.

So what’s there to be done?

1. A Global Approach to Home Security

It’s tempting to feel like you’ve done enough just by purchasing a new door lock which promises complete security.

However, as they’re not entirely burglar-proof, it’s best if you have at least one of the following additional security measures in place:

  • If your house has a patio, it’s best if you keep it as plain as possible, so intruders can be spotted more easily (either by passers-by or by security cameras). Plus, invest in efficient lighting.
  • Window sensors
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Motion sensors across the courtyard
  • Window reinforcements – safety glass or metal bars

You can always seek the aid of current smart home security like alarm systems you can activate and set from your smartphone.

2. Always Cover Your Back

Given that a 100% unpickable lock is yet to be built, you have to always think of the possibility of a break-in.

Having a trusted locksmithing services provider in your phone agenda will do wonders in emergency situations. They’ll help you sort them out quickly and come up in time with a lock change or repair, so you’re not exposed to other casualties for too long.

Pro tip: if you’ve just moved into a new neighbourhood, you can have your home assessed by security experts at Lockrite. They’ll perform a full security survey to tell you what safety measures have to be taken and what you should pay attention to.

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Prevention Is the Best ‘Unpickable Lock’

Bottom line is, it’s best if you stopped chasing a single perfect home safety method and start looking for complementary approaches instead.

You can either double-shield your home with more security devices or you can rely on a backup plan to minimize the damage.

At Lockrite, we’d advise for both, but it’s up to you to decide, according to your household needs.