7 Lockpicking Facts Every Homeowner Should Be Aware of

lockpicking facts

Lockpicking is not just an ability locksmiths need to have. A lot of people do it as a hobby to learn more about locks and how they work, but to also make use of this skill for other inappropriate purposes.

If you’re passionate about lockpicking facts, you are simply curious about this topic or want to know how to choose your door locks, then this article is for you.

Door locks come in various shapes and sizes, with many innovative designs and have the purpose of providing us with a sense of security.

Let’s discover 7 interesting lockpicking facts every homeowner should know. 

1. Most Locks Can Be Easily Picked

The theory states if a lock has more pin stacks, then it will be more secure than one with fewer pins. More stacks ultimately means there will be way more key variations and so it will be more difficult to raise all the pins in order to pick the lock.

But the truth is nearly all locks have imperfections, especially those who sell at a low price.

lockpicking facts

2. Minimal Changes to Locks Can Go a Long Way

When buying a new door lock, you can ask your locksmith to do some minor changes to it in order to improve its security.

For example, specially-shaped top pins, such as spool pins or serrated pins, can deter typical picking and raking attempts and make the lifting process almost impossible. Raking is a lockpicking method which uses a tool called a rake in order to move multiple pins at once.

3. Higher-Security Features Are Not a Guarantee

Over the years, there have been developed many different high-security locks which provide excellent protection against lockpickers.

However, you should keep in mind not all of them can protect your home the same way because some have certain weaknesses. Before committing to a high-functioning lock, ask the advice of a locksmith, so they can help you make the best decision.

Also, keep in mind locks become more vulnerable if the dead bolt is not installed properly.

4. Lockpicking Does Not Destroy Door Locks

Probably one of the most important lockpicking facts is this one: lockpicking is truly an art because locksmiths can open a lock without a key and most importantly, without damaging the lock or the door.

lockpicking facts

5. Lockpicking Is Rarely Used by Burglars

This skill is not particularly common among burglars because they mainly use other techniques to break into a house, which are much more convenient and simpler. For example, they can just force the entry through the windows.

6. Lockpicking Helps Manufacturers

One of the safest ways for manufacturers to test the security of the new locks they develop is to have them picked by professionals. Thanks to locksmiths, today’s locks have better anti-picking mechanisms which include the ability to block the use of certain tools.

7. Lockpicking Is Not As Easy As We See In The Movies

Chances are that you’ve seen plenty of films where the bad and the good guys were picking locks with just their credit card.

The truth is that it’s not as smooth as actors make it seem.

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