4 Home Security Best Practices for Starting the New Year Right

home security

Save money, spend more time with loved ones, get a promotion at work; these are all goals many people set out for themselves every time a new year comes around. But as homeowners, it’s essential to not only set goals for yourself, but for your home, as well.

With safety being of great importance, why not strive to make your home more secure this year?

In the spirit of new beginnings, here are four home security best practices to consider employing in 2018 for a better-protected house.

home security

1. Upgrade Your Locks

One of the most vulnerable points of entry is that of exterior doors, with burglars gaining entry through a door around 70% of the time.

So it only makes sense to ensure that your locks, a potential point of weakness in your door security system, are as difficult to compromise as possible.

Euro Cylinders, which are usually found in uPVC doors and are operated by a key, tend to be among the most vulnerable types of locks out there because they are more exposed to lock-snapping.

Deadbolt locks are generally considered to be a good fit for residential doors, but these too are operated exclusively by inserting the right key into the mechanism. This could be a drawback in an emergency type of situation in which the key goes missing.

Regardless of the type of lock you choose, our advice is to avoid cheap materials and use British Standard Approved locks. Also, it’s best to invest in reliable, trustworthy brands.

Not sure what types of locks you have? In this case, you can use this visual guide to help you accurately identify the current type of lock fitted on your door.

home security

And in case your locks are in need of an upgrade, make sure to contact us right away. Our locksmiths can successfully install or replace a wide array of locks including:

2. Improve Garage Security

The garage is often an overlooked area of the house. However, its security should be a priority – especially if the garage allows access to other parts of your home.

That’s because once a burglar breaks into your garage, they can go inside your home without drawing too much attention. What’s more, the garage may hold tools which a thief can use to gain access.

Here are a few useful tips which should help you prevent garage break-ins:

  • Have a garage door sensor installed which allows you to be remotely notified whenever your garage door gets opened.
  • Install motion activated lights to draw attention to activity taking place near your garage door.

3. Invest in Smart Home Security

If you’ve been pondering the thought of adding smart technology as a high-tech home security barrier, then maybe this is the year when you finally do it.

We recommend starting out with a basic: a keyless smart lock from a trusted brand which can be operated with the tap of a button.

Among the benefits of adding this smart security feature to your door is the fact you have multiple options for locking and unlocking your door:

  • through a dedicated Yale Security app
  • through a dedicated key fob
  • by typing in a unique code.

This allows you to secure your home without the need to carry keys. Also, you can grant remote access, as well as monitor who’s coming and going.

To learn more about the benefits and find the best smart lock to fit your door, check out this resource. 

4. Get Better Acquainted with Your Neighbours

Not all home security solutions need to be in the form of a device to be effective.

Something as simple as forming a good relationship with your neighbours can help you gain peace of mind and feel more confident about the safety of your home – especially when you are away on holiday.

home security

It’s important to have people in the community whom you can trust to pick up your mail, check up on your house and make sure the landscaping doesn’t make it seem like your home has been abandoned.

In Closing

Improving the security of your home is definitely an investment, but it pays off to know your family and your belongings are better safeguarded against theft.

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