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Your LockRite Locksmith Stockport, James is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for locksmith services in and around Stockport. If you've accidentally locked yourself out of your Stockport home, having issues unlocking or locking your doors or you wish to upgrade your locks to something more secure, such as anti-snap locks, you can call James on 0161 507 3668

Our Stockport locksmiths can get you into your property without causing unnecessary damage to your doors or locks. Our specialist techniques and professional, ongoing training means that we can enter your property non destructively where possible.

Want to upgrade, replace or repair your locks? We can upgrade your locks if required as well as repair damage caused by burglary & forced entry, we can also secure your home by boarding up any damage to windows.

For a reliable locksmith in Stockport you can trust, call 0161 507 3668 for a free no obligation quote.

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Recent Stockport Burglary

Several house burglaries have been reported this year in the Stockport area. One of these incidents, reported on by the Manchester Evening News, caused the frightened homeowner to flee through an open window to raise the alarm. The burglar broke into the property through patio doors at the rear of the property before attempting to steal cash and keys while the occupants were still inside.

Read more about this break in.

It can be difficult to prevent a burglar from breaking glass patio doors in your home, but there are many things that can be done to help deter a burglar from choosing your property as a target. For example, installing a burglar alarm; according to Yale UK, 84% of imprisoned burglars said they would not willingly enter a building where an alarm was fitted. CCTV can also prove very useful as a prevention but will also aid in finding the suspect if the burglary was caught on camera. There are also less expensive preventative measures, such as installing lights in your garden on motion sensors, installing light timers when you're aware from home, keeping valuables out of sight so they're not easily seen by passers by, keeping your garage and shed locked and more... For a list of useful home security tips, take a look at our Top 10 Home Security Tips

Thieves Targeting Houses With Locksmith Stickers

Thieves are using stickers advertising a fictitious local locksmith company to mark homes which are an 'easy target'. The criminals carry out a preliminary reconnaissance on the area and mark houses which are deemed as having poor security measures in place. They later return to break into the houses which have already been marked as targets. The authorities are advising residents to remove the stickers immediately if they see any on their doors or windows.

Is your home secure? Call us today on 0161 507 3668 to arrange a security check on your premises.

You can read more about this story at

Why You Should Choose LockRite When Looking For a Locksmith in Stockport

There are several good reasons why you should consider choosing LockRite when looking for a locksmith in Stockport.

  • All our locksmiths are DBS (CRB) checked which means they do not have a hidden criminal past.

  • The price quoted is the price you pay. We do not artificially inflate prices on the doorstep like some unscrupulous locksmith companies.

  • LockRite is a national and trusted brand but all our locksmiths are self employed individuals who live within, or close to, your area. By choosing LockRite you are choosing to support local business, keeping money within your local economy.

  • If it is an emergency we can usually be on our way to you immediately and we will show up (unlike some companies who say they will but don't, wasting your time).

Call us now on 0161 507 3668 for a free, no obligation quote.

Tips For Choosing a Locksmith in Stockport

There are many factors to consider when choosing a locksmith in Stockport. Our checklist below should help you when making a decision.

  • Check the locksmith is DBS (CRB) checked. This will reveal whether they have a hidden criminal past. You need someone you can trust working with your home security, so if they do not have a clean DBS (CRB) check walk away.

  • Check the price quoted is what you will pay. Many locksmiths will quote one price on the phone only to bump the price up dramatically once the work has been undertaken. Make sure you know what you will be paying before work commences and sign something agreeing to the charges.

  • Make sure you are happy with what the locksmith says regarding your home security and don't be pressurised into an expensive upsell. Not all locks are equal, and some cheaper locks do not provide adequate security for home insurance purposes so make sure if you're having new locks installed they are right for you.

  • Always use a trusted locksmith with a decent reputation and accountability. There are many rogue traders who just want to rip customers off. Check their websites for testimonials and guarantees. If anything looks or feels dodgy, walk away and find another locksmith.

  • Call their advertised number and see how long it takes them to answer. If calls are left ringing with no answer or diverts to voicemail numerous times it could indicate they will be difficult to get hold of if there is a problem with their work. Use a locksmith who answers their phone!

Hopefully this checklist will help you to choose the best Stockport locksmith for your needs. All LockRite locksmiths are DBS (CRB) checked and will always confirm the price you will pay before commencing any work. Call 0161 507 3668 now for a free, no obligation quote.

Identifying Different Types of Door Lock

When calling a locksmith it is important to know what type of lock needs fixing or replacing. Use our visual guide below toidentify your particular lock type.

Wood Door

Wood Door Locks - Rim Cylinder, Mortice Sash Lock, Mortice Dead Bolt

uPVC Door

UPVC Door Locks - Euro Cylinder, Thumb Turn Cylinder

Aluminium Door

Aluminium Door Locks - Screw in Rim Cylinder, Oval Cylinder, Euro Cylinder

Home Security in the Summer Months

As summer approaches and the days get warmer it is natural to leave windows open and doors ajar to keep homes cooler. Unfortunately this can be an open invitation to the "sneak-in" opportunist burglar who will take advantage of open doors and windows and make off with small, expensive items such as mobile phones and laptops, or even a set of house keys to return later when the house is empty or everyone is asleep.

If a burglary takes place without any visible signs of forced entry it can invalidate insurance claims, so it is important to remain security concious in the summer. One way to help prevent "sneak-in" burglaries is to install door security chains and window restrictors. This allows doors and windows to be left open slightly while offering enough security to deter an opportunist thief.

Call your local Stockport locksmith on 0161 507 3668 today to discuss your home security needs.

New Home? Get Your Locks Changed!

Do you know how many sets of keys are in circulation to your new home? How many generations of people have lived there? Do they still have keys? Do you trust they will never return or pass on those keys?

Don't take any chances, change your locks today! We can supply and fit brand new front and rear locks at a very reasonable price. Call now for a free, no obligation quote.

Why You Should Choose LockRite Locksmiths in Stockport

When it comes to something as sensitive as securing your property you need to be 100% sure you can trust the person doing the job,so when it comes to choosing a locksmith in Stockport you probably can't do better than choosing LockRite, and here's why:

  • We are a nationally recognised and respected brand with a local locksmith who lives in, or near Stockport and in most cases,can be with you within 30-60 minutes.
  • Our local Stockport locksmith is fully trained in the latest non destructive entry techniques, is CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)checked and always carries photo ID so you know when you book a LockRite locksmith you are booking a trustworthy professional.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed with 12 months guarantee on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship.
  • Call us now on 0161 507 3668 for a competitive quote and peace of mind you are dealing with a company that cares about your security.

Check Burglary Statistics in Stockport

Home security is always worth considering, and even more so if you happen to live in an area which is prone to crime. The website has an online, interactive map which shows you crime and burglary levels in your area.

Click here to view crime and burglary statistics for Stockport

Stockport Mobile Locksmith - We Come To You!

No matter what the problem, whether you are locked in or locked out, if you need your locks changed or re-keyed or if you just need new keys cut, we come to you. We can be with you within 30 minutes* and all work is fully guaranteed with 12 months on parts and 90 days on all labour.

Don't risk your hard earned cash on a cheap locksmith with no accountability as many of these use questionable sales tactics and cheap, sub-standard parts. Choose LockRite and get it done 'Rite' first time!

Call 0161 507 3668 now

Lock Snapping on 'The One Show'

The dangers of lock snapping were recently discussed on the One Show (7th March 2012) and the advice is to ensure the locks on your uPVC doors are designed to withstand this kind of forced entry.

Lock snapping is a technique used by burglars where uPVC locks are literally snapped in half allowing quick access to your property. Unfortunately this type of forced entry is becoming more and more commonplace, and many homes with uPVC doors in theStockport areaare susceptible to this kind of attack unless the locks have been upgraded with anti-snap cylinders.

We can provide anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick locks for your doors. Call us now on 0161 507 3668 for a free, no obligation quote.

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